All About Kyrie Irving's Parents, Elizabeth and Drederick Irving

The Dallas Mavericks point guard is the son of Elizabeth and Drederick Irving

<p>Sarah Stier/Getty</p> Kyrie Irving and his dad, Drederick Irving.

Sarah Stier/Getty

Kyrie Irving and his dad, Drederick Irving.

Meet Kyrie Irving's parents.

The Dallas Mavericks star was born in Australia in March 1992 to Elizabeth and Drederick Irving.

A standout player who's undoubtedly left his mark on the Texas-based team — and the league as a whole, having made history on May 19 with series-clinching scenarios in Game 6 of the 2024 NBA playoffs — Irving has basketball in his blood.

The Mavericks point guard's father was a professional basketball player himself who turned heads at Boston University, becoming one of the greatest scorers in the program's history and earning himself a spot in the school's hall of fame. He then went on to play overseas.

Drederick never played in the NBA but feels like he has due to his son's success. "This whole thing is a fairy tale," the proud father told ESPN in an interview. "Kyrie always hoped to play in the NBA, just as I did... He made it, so I feel like I've made it, too."

After Irving's mother died when he was young, he was primarily raised by his father; though he keeps his mom's legacy alive in a variety of ways, including the name of his daughter.

Throughout his remarkable career, Irving has credited his father for being by his side through it all. "If you are fortunate to have a father like I have," the Mavericks star said, "You're given a foundation. You can be content with that, or take it and run with it, like I did."

"My father is the one who told me to want more," Irving added. "My father is the one who told me not to settle."

Read on to learn more about Kyrie Irving's parents, Elizabeth and Drederick Irving.

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Drederick is a former professional basketball player

<p>Glenn James/NBAE via Getty</p> Drederick Irving looks on from the sideline on March 7, 2023.

Glenn James/NBAE via Getty

Drederick Irving looks on from the sideline on March 7, 2023.

Drederick was a basketball standout himself and played for the Bulleen Boomers in Australia. Prior to that, he played college basketball for Boston University, where he was a star athlete.

In fact, Drederick goes down as "one of the most prolific scorers in university history" and helped bring national attention to the school's basketball program. He graduated in Boston's class of 1988 and was inducted into the university's hall of fame in 1995.

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Elizabeth gave birth to Kyrie in Australia

<p>Kyrie Irving/Instagram</p> Elizabeth Irving and Kyrie.

Kyrie Irving/Instagram

Elizabeth Irving and Kyrie.

Drederick and his late wife Elizabeth welcomed Irving on March 23, 1992. He was born in Melbourne and holds dual American and Australian citizenship since his father was playing basketball overseas at the time of his birth.

Irving lived in Australia until he was two years old before relocating to the United States along with his older sister, Asia. He grew up in New Jersey, where his dream to play in the NBA began.

Drederick always supported Kyrie's basketball dreams

<p>Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty </p> Kyrie Irving poses with his father, Drederick Irving, ahead of the 2011 NBA Draft Lottery.

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty

Kyrie Irving poses with his father, Drederick Irving, ahead of the 2011 NBA Draft Lottery.

Irving was inspired by his father to pursue basketball professionally. "He laid out all the necessary steps for me. It was up to me what I did with them," he told ESPN in February 2012 of Drederick.

"In eighth grade, my father told me I would wind up as the best guard in the state of New Jersey," Irving said. "In my senior year of high school, he told me I'd be the number one player in the country. Then, in college, he told me I'd be the number one pick in the draft."

Having played basketball throughout his childhood, with his father as the ultimate mentor, Irving's dream to play in the NBA grew especially strong in the fourth grade — particularly when his youth team played on the New Jersey Nets' court.

Not only did he call the experience "the best day of his life," but he manifested his life goal on a piece of paper, writing, "I will play in the NBA, I promise."

Elizabeth's legacy lives on through Kyrie

<p>Kyrie Irving/Instagram</p> Kyrie Irving's parents, Drederick and Elizabeth.

Kyrie Irving/Instagram

Kyrie Irving's parents, Drederick and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth died when Irving was four years old but the basketball player has honored his mother in various ways since her death in 1996.

Born into the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Elizabeth was a member of the Lakota community. Irving, whose family roots are from the White Mountain family of the South Dakota region of the reservation, embraces his Native American heritage and was honored with a naming ceremony in August 2018.

"Knowing my mom passed and left me such a powerful, empowering family such as Standing Rock... to be a part of it now, this is family for life," Irving said in an interview at the time.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the reservation, which Irving has continued to show support for throughout his career. He even honored Standing Rock through his collaboration with Nike, paying homage to the indigenous tribe in his sneaker line.

"Blood couldn't make us any closer, and our journeys have been directed in so many different ways, but yet we are still standing here," Irving told the crowd at the ceremony in North Dakota in 2018. "It shows how special and what it means to be a native of this country, and to be Native American."

Elizabeth is Kyrie's 'angel'

<p>Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty</p> Kyrie Irving of the Dallas Mavericks and his dad, Drederick, after a game in February 2024.

Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty

Kyrie Irving of the Dallas Mavericks and his dad, Drederick, after a game in February 2024.

Irving calls his mom his "angel" and credits her for the man he is today. In August 2020, the basketball player posted two throwback photos of Elizabeth on Instagram in celebration of her birthday, penning a heartfelt message in the caption.

"I love you Mommy, and I am grateful to have you as an angel. ✨✨I will continue to pick up the torch and carry out what you have planned. Thank you for our giant family you helped create and nurture," he began.

"Without you ascending to your new destination, I don’t know if I would be here today, so I know I am not alone in this journey and God and our ancestors are protecting us all from the evils of this world. Your energy will forever be missed and loved. Shower over us all with Love and Peace."

In August 2016, Irving shared the new tattoos he got done in honor of his mother. On the inside of each wrist, he got the Roman numerals of her birthday inked. "8/13... I love you. You're the reason. Elizabeth Ann Irving," he captioned the post.

Irving also has the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Flag tattooed on the center of his neck.

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Elizabeth inspired the name of Kyrie's daughter

<p>Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty </p> Kyrie Irving with his daughter, Azurie Elizabeth Irving, after a game in 2022

Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty

Kyrie Irving with his daughter, Azurie Elizabeth Irving, after a game in 2022

Irving welcomed his daughter Azurie Elizabeth on Nov. 23, 2015. He named her in honor of his late mom, explaining the inspiration in an Instagram post at the time of her birth.

"11/23/15... 35 hours of labor from her great mother and she came into the world to bring a shine to my world that I never thought was possible. I love you so much, and my heart grew the first time I felt your heart against mine," he began in the caption.

"Mommy, I gave her your name because I know you will bless her and our family the same way you blessed me. I love you," Irving concluded the caption alongside a black-and-white photo of him holding his newborn.

Drederick attends many of Kyrie's games

<p>James Devaney/Getty</p> Kyrie IRving hugging his dad Drederick after a game in 2019.

James Devaney/Getty

Kyrie IRving hugging his dad Drederick after a game in 2019.

Drederick has supported Irving since day one and continues to support him today, showing up to his games and cheering him on courtside. In a press conference, the Mavericks star opened up about having his father by his side through the years.

"My dad's proud of me, he's happy for me... But my dad is truly instrumental in my life and he's seen millions of my games," Irving began of Drederick. "You guys are enjoying things that you've gotten to see the past few years and my dad has seen since I was four or five years old."

Irving said he still talks about ways he "can get better" with his dad, moments he said he "appreciates." Above all, the NBA star said "the most important role" that his father plays in his life is "being a great father and being there for me as a man."

He added that his dad is "consistently" giving him advice. "He's seen a lot of life in this world. He has a lot of experience," he said, noting that his dad "has been around the lifestyle" and is "very familiar with it" having grown up in the sports scene.

"He just wants me to have peace of mind every single day I wake up and knowing that I have a supportive family behind me every single day," Irving continued. "This lifestyle can get very lonely sometimes when you're in those hotel rooms and traveling and trying to be the best of the best. Not a lot of people understand, not a lot of people get it."

He concluded, "So to have one parent in my life, or two parents with my stepmom as well, supporting me means the world to me."

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