Reform UK 'polling at almost half of Tory vote share'

Rishi Sunak - Joe Giddens/PA Wire
Rishi Sunak - Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Reform is polling at almost half of the Conservative vote share, a poll published on Friday has suggested.

The Conservatives are down one percentage point to 20 per cent in the latest survey carried out by People Polling, a firm founded in recent months by academic and pollster Matthew Goodwin.

Reform, led by Richard Tice, are on nine per cent and have increased their share of the vote.

Sir Keir Starmer's Labour has increased its lead by one percentage point, polling at 47 per cent. The Tories fell to a low of 14 per cent in People Polling data on October 21 as Liz Truss's government rapidly collapsed.

But Friday's polling suggests there is a growing threat on the Right for Mr Sunak amid fears of an exodus to Reform, as well as appearing to confirm any "honeymoon period" enjoyed by the Prime Minister is over.

In a more optimistic finding for CCHQ, a separate poll by Savanta ComRes saw a 10-point swing from Labour to the Conservatives, creating a gap of just 11 per cent.

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