Labour land impressive win in Northumbria PCC vote as Susan Dungworth elected

Susan Dungworth is chosen as the Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner
Susan Dungworth is chosen as the Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner -Credit:Newcastle Chronicle

Labour have recorded an impressive win in the Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner election.

Susan Dungworth was elected with a majority of almost 100,000 over her nearest rival - Conservative candidate Ros Munro. The former Northumberland Labour leader is the force's third successive Labour commissioner, following Dame Vera Baird and newly elected North East Mayor Kim McGuinness.

It marked the culmination of a successful day for Labour in the North East, having previously secured the office of mayor in the inaugural election. Mrs Dungworth led the ballot in every area covered by Northumbria Police.

We've rounded up all the results from each area below, as well as the overall total:

John Appleby (Liberal Democrat) - 9,552
Susan Dungworth (Labour) - 33,756
Ros Munro (Conservative) - 22,467
Mustaque Rahman (Independent) - 5,886

John Appleby (Liberal Democrat) - 10,323
Susan Dungworth (Labour) - 26,478
Ros Munro (Conservative) - 8,806
Mustaque Rahman (Independent) - 3,047

John Appleby (Liberal Democrat) - 14,227
Susan Dungworth (Labour) - 35,119
Ros Munro (Conservative) - 10,850
Mustaque Rahman (Independent) - 8,897

North Tyneside
John Appleby (Liberal Democrat) - 8,203
Susan Dungworth (Labour) - 31,166
Ros Munro (Conservative) - 13,934
Mustaque Rahman (Independent) - 4,513

John Appleby (Liberal Democrat) - 10,790
Susan Dungworth (Labour) - 32,464
Ros Munro (Conservative) - 15,820
Mustaque Rahman (Independent) - 3,467

South Tyneside
John Appleby (Liberal Democrat) - 5,479
Susan Dungworth (Labour) - 17,328
Ros Munro (Conservative) - 6,941
Mustaque Rahman (Independent) - 5,963

Northumbria Police Area
John Appleby (Liberal Democrat) - 58,574
Susan Dungworth (Labour) - 176,311
Ros Munro (Conservative) - 78,818
Mustaque Rahman (Independent) - 31,773

Electorate: 1,070,300. Turnout: 33%