Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer kicked out of pub by landlord

Sir Keir Starmer was forced to leave a pub during a walkabout after being kicked out by the landlord following a row over lockdown restrictions.

Rod Humphris, landlord of The Raven in Bath city centre, appeared to be held back by members of Sir Keir’s security team as he shouted “That man is not allowed in my pub” and “Get out of my pub” at the Labour leader.

The incident on Monday was captured on camera by reporters amid a visit to the city by Sir Keir to support West of England metro mayoral candidate Dan Norris ahead of the forthcoming elections.

On why he asked Sir Keir to leave, Mr Humphris later told the PA news agency: “I had heard that the Labour Party were coming round and he turned up and I told him what I thought of him, basically.

“I think he has utterly failed us as the Leader of the Opposition. He has completely failed to ask the questions that needed asking, like, why did we throw away our previous pandemic preparedness?

“Why have we just accepted lockdown? Why have we just accepted the loss of all our freedoms?”

The 54-year-old, who said he does not agree with coronavirus lockdowns, said: “He walked into my pub without asking and I threw him out. Or at least, I did my best to throw him out – his security got in the way.”

West of England election
Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer listens to Rod Humphris (right), landlord of The Raven pub in Bath (Ben Birchall/PA)

It is understood that the Labour leader and his team had pre-arranged the visit to The Raven with a member of the pub’s staff.

Footage captured by reporters shows Sir Keir and Mr Humphris talking outside of the pub prior to the confrontation, where the Labour leader appears to mention frontline NHS workers.

“So I really don’t need lectures from you about this pandemic,” Sir Keir could be heard saying.

The Labour leader, who was wearing a black face mask while inside, left the pub following the confrontation, accompanied by members of his team.

Mr Humphris said he gave Sir Keir a “piece of my mind”, adding: “I would say this to any politician – it’s not a partisan matter.”

The Labour Party press office said on Twitter that it would “not be amplifying” the footage of the Labour leader being confronted.

The tweets said: “A clip circulating online shows Keir Starmer being confronted by someone spreading dangerous misinformation about the Covid-19 pandemic. We will not be amplifying it.

“Keir argued that our NHS staff have been working tirelessly to protect public health and that restrictions – while painful – have been absolutely necessary to save lives.”