Labour win Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner race by huge majority

Labour's Clive Grunshaw has won the election to be Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner returning to the job he lost three years ago.

He beat the Tory incumbent Andrew Snowden by more than 34,000 votes . Mr Grunshaw got 135,638 votes to Mr Snowden’s 101,281.

Liberal Democrat Neil Darby came third with 51,252 votes.


Following his victory Mr Grunshaw said: “I want to thank the people of Lancashire for their trust in giving me back what I consider to be the bst job in the world. I will do everything I can to repay that trust.

“It is a job where you can make a real difference to the people of Lancashire. It is about holding the police to account.

“The job is about returning to the neighbourhood policing model. The challenge is to deter people from crime and criminal behaviour and tackling anti-social behaviour.

“I cannot wait to step back into to the post. There is so much to do.

“I am keen to get stuck in. I think it is a great job.

“I am delighted. It is about putting police officers where they should be on the street not stick behind desks.

“We need to have a zero tolerance approach and give the people of Lancashire the policing they deserve.”

He promised to tackle the epidemic of shoplifting and nip low level crime in the bud and stop it sliding into more serious crime.”