What Labour's win means for renters - from no fault evictions to rent bidding

Keir Starmer stood behind lecturn
-Credit: (Image: Pete Stonier)

The recent triumph in the election throws a focus on Keir Starmer's pledged changes. From initiating economic expansion to rising as a green energy powerhouse, and reforming our NHS for the future, Labour Party certainly has significant schemes planned once they get settled inside Downing Street.

Undeniably though, people take priority over party for Keir Starmer. Having experienced working-class life himself, Keir aims to establish policies benefitting everyone, with a particular focus on the less fortunate.

During an engaging debate held by MoneySavingExpert, all party leaders were questioned about their intended actions 'to help renters' - some of the 'hardest hit by recent inflation'. Rent has been a burning issue amidst the cost of living crisis, most notably in reference to Section 21 'no fault' evictions that numerous finance and housing sectors have been calling to get rid of.

In reply to the question regarding section 21, Keir Starmer stated: "I'm saying no ifs, no buts - Labour will immediately ban no-fault evictions so that families have security of knowing landlords can't kick them out for no reason."

"And we will pass strong new laws to level the playing field between landlords and tenants. A crackdown is overdue on unscrupulous landlords that rip off tenants with extortionate rents and poor-quality living conditions. That is what Labour is determined to deliver."

Keir Starmer has highlighted that the cost-of-living crisis has disproportionately affected renters due to a 'failure to build enough homes' over the past 14 years, making renting 'unaffordable and expensive'.

Another significant issue that has emerged over the past four years, since the onset of Covid and the cost-of-living crisis, is the prevalence of unnecessary bidding wars.

These bidding wars have driven rental prices to unaffordable levels, with many prospective tenants having to withdraw applications due to their inability to meet the soaring costs.

However, Keir Starmer has pledged to put an end to this, stating: "We'll end rental bidding wars, so landlords can no longer pit hopeful renters against each other in a fight to see who can offer up a bigger sum. Labour will also end massive upfront payments, by capping the amount of rent requested up front, that are forcing renters to turn to the bank of mum and dad just to get into the rental market."

But Labour's promises don't stop there, they have also pledged to implement the following measures if they come to power.

  • Put power back in tenants’ hands allowing them to challenge unreasonable rent hikes.

  • Give tenants a minimum of two months to terminate their contract in cases where rent ‘increases disproportionately’.

  • Tackle black mould, damp and cold with new legal protections for tenants

  • Slash fuel poverty and cut energy bills by having landlords meet ‘stringent energy efficiency standards by 2030’.

  • Promise to built 1.5 million new homes and ‘unlock the dream of homeownership’

  • First time buyer will get ‘first dibs’ on the new developments

  • Offer a comprehensive mortgage guarantee scheme ‘for those who struggle to save for a large deposit’.

You can check out the detailed response from Keir Starmer on the MoneySavingExpert website.