Lake Macquarie Resident Captures 'Electric Blue' Waves at Night

A News South Wales resident living close to Lake Macquarie was taken aback when she caught sight of “electric blue” waves at night, sharing footage of the bioluminescent water to TikTok.

Recent footage captured by Veronica Masciantonio shows Masciantonio and her partner running their hands through the waves as the bioluminescent water washes over them.

Masciantonio shared videos of the occurrence to her TikTok account, @veronicadownunder, on March 22, telling Storyful that the footage was captured the previous evening.

" I was going for a night walk along the lake when I realized the waves were glowing electric blue, and my hand was glowing when I put it into the water," she said. “The results were incredible.” Credit: @veronicadownunder via Storyful

Video transcript