Lanarkshire Karate Academy kids in the medals

Youngsters from Lanarkshire Karate Academy tasted medal success at an inter-club competition earlier this month.

The Airdrie-based outfit held their annual LKA Children’s Club competition, with youngsters taking on their team-mates to take home prizes in various categories.

For some, it was their first time in a competitive environment and LKA sensei Chantelle Allan was impressed with what she saw from her students.

She said: “Congratulations to all on their fantastic results and to all kids who took part, especially those who took part in competition karate for the very first time. A massive well done to all junior members who took part.

“I spotted some new potential and a few new faces will be invited to our next competition squad training to work towards open events.”

The medallists were as follows:

Boys Kumite 4-5 years - Gold: Jacob Higgins; Silver: Sam Loughran; Bronze: Louie Javidan, Zak McAteer

Girls Kumite 4-5 years - Gold: Amelia Clark; Silver: Amelia Black

Boys Kumite 6 years - Gold: Harry Lennox; Silver: Caelin Burns; Bronze: Theo Brady, Matthew Paton

Boys Kumite 7 years - Gold: Caleb Kerrigan; Silver: Dominic Hill; Bronze: Alexander Badowski, Oakley Carty

Girls Kumite 6-7 years - Gold: Amber Armstrong; Silver: Julia Willis; Bronze: Sienna Stevenson, Ava MacLeod

Girls Kumite 8-9 years (Advanced) - Gold: Lucia McConville, Silver: Maahi Rai; Bronze: Amelia Harvie, Kendal Reilly

Boys Kumite 8-9 years (Adv) - Gold: Lewis Ferguson; Silver: Harrison Carty; Bronze: Jack Law, Aaron Aitchison

Girls Kumite 8-9 years - Gold: Eilidh O’Neill; Silver: Anna Kubicka

Boys Kumite 8-9 years - Gold: Caleb Pirie; Silver: Rayaan Shabaz; Bronze: Oswynn Sinclair-Fegan, Stephan Marchenko

Girls Kumite 10-12 years (Adv) - Gold: Ziva Alexander; Silver: Nell McAuley; Bronze: Heather Mackay, Brooke Traynor

Boys Kumite 10-12 years (Adv) - Gold: Sebastian Magilton; Silver: Dominic Griniuk; Bronze: Jayden Warwick, Jack Hunter

Boys Kumite 10-12 years - Gold: Joseph Allan; Silver: Ruaridh Heron

Mixed Kickmaster 4-5 years - Gold: Jacob Higgins; Silver: Ruairi Montgomery; Bronze: Stanley De La Mare, Louie Javidan

Mixed Kickmaster 6-7 years - Gold: Caleb Kerrigan; Silver: Oakley Carty; Bronze: Ava MacLeod, Matthew Paton

Mixed Kickmaster below 9th Kyu - Gold: Oscar McGoldrick; Silver: Rayaan Shabaz; Bronze: Anna Kubicka, Joseph Allan

Mixed Kickmaster 8-6th Kyu - Gold: Nell McAuley; Silver: Kendal Reilly; Bronze: Maahi Rai, Amelia Harvie

Mixed Kickmaster 5th Kyu - Gold: Sebastian Magilton; Silver: Jayden Warwick; Bronze: Jack Hunter, Heather Mackay.

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