Lancashire forecast as 'Saharan plume' heads to UK bringing 30C heat

It will hopefully see temperatures hit 30C for the first time this year
It will hopefully see temperatures hit 30C for the first time this year -Credit:WXCharts

Weather maps are turning orange as a 'Saharan plume' heads for the UK with temperatures set to rocket again.

Temperatures peaked last Sunday as Brits basked in the hottest day of the year. Despite the glorious sunshine giving way to heavy rain and storms this week, mercury levels are predicted to rise again soon.

Some meteorologists reckon the end of the May could represent the transition into a heatwave. The latest weather maps from WX Charts suggest Lancashire will see temperatures mainly sat in the mid-teens before getting into the 20Cs around Friday, May 24, while mercury levels in some places could hit a sweltering 30C thanks to a wave of warm weather moving northwards.


James Madden, of Exacta Weather, believes its the end of May when the UK could begin to head into sizzling conditions. He told BirminghamLive: "Once again, the outlook is nowhere near as dire or severe as third-party forecasts were repeatedly indicating for this week over the past several days, and despite some rain in the forecast and the developing risk of thundery showers at times, it will now be much more settled in between any unsettled weather and actually feel quite warm and summery in any developing sunshine.

"Our forecasts also concisely covered this kind of scenario for the upcoming week, despite much different forecast projections from elsewhere. Additionally, our longer-term projections are also showing some pretty decent and warm weather persisting as the more dominant feature from in and around next weekend and into the final third of May for many parts of the country, and there is a higher than normal risk that this will transition into periods of warm to very hot weather within this developing period that could easily see temperatures reaching or surpassing the 30C mark for the first time this year."

It will hopefully see temperatures hit 30C for the first time this year
It will hopefully see temperatures hit 30C for the first time this year -Credit:WXCharts

The Met Office has alerted to the potential for 'thundery showers' on Friday (May 17). Looking ahead to the period from May 19 to May 28, the Met Office's long-range forecast suggested: "Changeable with showers developing by day across the UK through the end of the week and over the weekend.

"The heaviest showers and greatest risk of thunderstorms across southern parts. Temperatures generally around or just a little above average, though with winds tending to be light, still feeling warm in sunnier areas.

"Over the weekend there are signs that showers may start to ease from the north with drier, more settled conditions probably becoming established for a time. Confidence lowers into the following week with signals unclear how prolonged the influence of higher pressure will be.

"So after a potentially more settled spell of weather, unsettled conditions are likely to return during the week with the wettest conditions in the west. Above average temperatures more likely than below."