Lancashire hotter than Majorca this week after Met Office confirms sixth wettest April in 200 years

A Majorca holiday warning has been issued - as a new rule could stop British tourists and holidaymakers from visiting beaches amid their spring and summer getaways.
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It may not come as a surprise to you, but the weather hasn't been particularly dry or sunny recently. However, what might be more surprising is the Met Office confirming 2024 has just had the sixth wettest April in around 200 years.

Since the series began in 1836, the UK experienced 55% more rainfall than average in April, with 148.9mm of rainfall across the whole month. This is more than 60% of its average and the wettest since 1947.

Despite this gloomy outlook, things are set to pick up this week and there could even be a series of hot weather on the way. Temperatures are expected to rise with highs of 19C in Lancashire tomorrow (Thursday, May 2).


Particularly for those in the west, the Met Office predicts Thursday will feel warm in the sunshine. Here, it will be hotter than the Balearic Islands where mercury levels are only expected to reach 18C.

However, Friday is a cruel snap back to reality as it will be cloudier, with outbreaks of rain. There's also no real chance for a heatwave any time soon either, as the definition would require temperatures to reach 25C for three days or more.

No days between now and the end of July are expected to reach those heights - but our fingers are crossed.

The Met Office North West England forecast for Thursday reads: "Low cloud in the east, lifting and breaking, leading to lengthy sunny spells for most. Feeling warm in the sunshine, particularly in the west. Maximum temperature 20 °C."

The outlook for Friday and Saturday states: "Cloudier on Friday with outbreaks of rain. Remaining unsettled into the weekend with showers or longer spells of rain. Feeling warm, particularly in any sunny spells."