The Lancashire seaside attraction which makes visitors feel like they need a shower

St Anne's Pier
St Anne's Pier -Credit:Archive

Visitors have slammed St Anne's Pier as offering a poor experience for families.

St Anne's Pier, which first opened in 1885, has a range of attractions including shops, restaurants, stalls and an arcade. However, despite the Victorian structure having an average TripAdvisor rating of 3.5/5 some recent visitors have been left unimpressed by the facilities.

One reviewer, who visited the pier in March, wrote: "My recent visit to St. Anne's Pier left much to be desired. From the tired and dirty appearance to the noticeable deterioration with parts falling off the side, it was not the picturesque experience I had hoped for.


"The carpet, filled with sand, and mismatched windows added to the lacklustre ambiance. Additionally, the parking fee of £1.90 for an hour seemed excessive, especially considering we only stayed for 10 minutes.

"Overall, my visit left me feeling like I needed to go home and have a shower."

Another visitor added that it was "a shame its showing its age" while one wrote: "The only downside for us is that we went on a very rainy day and the roof near the the front started leaking right where we were playing the amusements."

St Anne's Pier
St Anne's Pier -Credit:Archive

The pier stands next to the attractive seafront gardens which include a pond, waterfall and a grotto. Some visitors highlighted parking issues they experienced in which they were issued with fixed penalty notices.

One posted: "Paid 6:25 by debit card for a full days parking then received a fine of £100 fine. Appeal was rejected even though the debit has been taken from our account. Appeal has been rejected. DONT PARK ON THE PIER!!!"

Not all visitors were disappointed however. One recent reviewer posted: "Nice pier great for the kids few cheaper things for kids to play on great selection of 2p machines but quite a few not working properly be careful. But over all a lovely place to visit."

Another added: "Nice for a short visit, to the amusements at the front, and a walk along the pier to take in the vast beach views. Unfortunately, the pier is not very long and so our visit did not last long, yet it was still most enjoyable."