Lando Norris 'neck routine' and what he eats on 'cheat days'

Lando Norris
Lando Norris is from Glastonbury -Credit:Getty Images

Following the driver’s first-ever win at the Miami Grand Prix, worldwide searches for ‘Lando Norris diet’ have skyrocketed. The McLaren racer, originally from Glastonbury, is a fan-favourite in the F1 community.

And as a result of Netflix’s popular Drive to Survive series, more F1 fans are becoming interested in the drivers’ impressive workout routines and diet regulations. Second Nature takes a look at Lando’s challenging workout routine and diet.

In recent years, fitness has become more important than ever in Formula One. But what does Lando’s strict workout routine involve?

Fitness regime

As many drivers have confessed, neck training is the most important part of F1 racing. Due to the incredible speeds of the sport, it’s essential for drivers to strengthen their neck muscles.

Lando uses a harness weighing at least a kilo to train his neck for the sport. The harness wraps around the driver’s neck while someone tugs at the other side. Neck harnesses are a great way to strengthen and stabilize the neck muscles, reducing the risk of a neck injury.

Second Nature says: "However, it’s important to note that neck harnesses can occasionally lead to injury, mainly when used too aggressively if heavy weights are involved. While Lando confesses to using a neck harness every other day, the neck is a sensitive part of the body, which means that over-exertion can lead to injury, such as strained muscles. This is why it’s essential to be careful when training your neck at home."

Cardio is crucial in Lando Norris’ workout routine, with the driver embarking on daily runs. Due to the nature of the sport, the McLaren driver has frequently commented that it’s essential to be strong but also as light as possible, resulting in an intense amount of cardio.

Second Nature says: "Cardio is a great way to stay in shape and improve stamina, but practicing taking a rest day between runs is essential to prevent strained and painful muscles, such as shin splints and joint damage."

Lando has also incorporated cycling into his workout routine to stay in shape. Second Nature says: "Cycling is a fantastic way to lose weight while strengthening your leg muscles. It’s important to note that cycling isn’t too intense on your joints, making it an excellent exercise to build strength and endurance.

"F1 drivers must have impeccable stamina, as the high-speed races tend to last up to 90 minutes. Because of this, cardio and cycling are essential parts of Lando’s workout routine."

Lando completes daily core exercises as part of his workout routine, including press-ups, planks, and dumbbell oblique crunches. These exercises are great ways to improve one’s strength and balance. As an F1 driver, Lando needs excellent core strength due to the amount of G-force and sharp corners involved in the sport.

These exercises are also fantastic for strengthening your arm and shoulder muscles. Arm and shoulder strength is essential for F1 drivers, making it easier to operate the steering wheel in such fast-paced conditions.

In case of a crash, F1 drivers need to be as strong as possible, which is why Lando’s workout routine is so intense. The driver has confessed that he only tends to have one rest day a week.

After an intense workout, Lando has a cryotherapy session. This involves standing in a freezing cold room for about 3 minutes or sitting in an ice bath to improve blood circulation. Lando has previously stated that his whole-body cryotherapy involves standing in a chamber cooled to -110 degrees Celsius.

Some studies suggest that cryotherapy improves muscle healing and can be an effective form of pain relief for joint damage. However, it’s important to note that there is still ongoing research about the benefits of cryotherapy, making it a relatively new practice for F1 drivers, according to Second Nature.

They add: "Plunging your body into freezing cold conditions can cause a great deal of discomfort, but regular use of cryotherapy can reduce this. However, in rare cases, cryotherapy can cause painful rashes and may result in breathing difficulties. While cryotherapy can improve muscle recovery, it can also place pressure on the heart, meaning that it’s advised for people with pre-existing health conditions to avoid the practice."

Lando Norris's diet

Adhering to a strict diet is a huge part of F1, as many drivers have stated that they have personal nutritionists to keep them in shape – but what does Lando Norris eat on a typical day?


For breakfast, Lando typically has overnight oats. Overnight oats are a great source of protein and carbohydrates, providing the essential nutrients to both help repair muscles and replenish glycogen stores after an intense workout, making them an important part of Lando’s diet.

Lunch and dinner:

Lando has previously commented that he tends to eat foods that are rich in protein for lunch and dinner, including a healthy teriyaki chicken poke bowl and pulled chicken tacos. Chicken is hugely beneficial for building muscle and strengthening bones, reducing the risk of muscle injuries, meaning that many F1 drivers tend to eat chicken in their daily diet.


Throughout a typical day, Lando tops up his protein intake by drinking protein shakes. The driver commented that he tends to have pecan and chocolate protein brownies as a snack. Protein is an effective way to boost energy, strength, and muscle gain.

Cheat days:

For Lando, cheat days are rare. As an F1 driver, reducing calorie intake and maintaining a consistent weight is important. However, on race days in humid conditions, Lando has stated that drivers tend to eat foods that are higher in calories to maintain energy for the race.

Mike Gibbs, the co-founder of Second Nature, said: "However, it’s important to note that completing intense workouts every day is not sustainable in the long run and ultimately doesn’t promote a healthy lifestyle balance. Rest days are an essential part of your workout routine to allow muscle repair and growth.

“While F1 drivers don’t often get the luxury of cheat days, it’s important not to place so much pressure on your diet that you feel the need to “cheat”. Instead, it’s more important to focus your energy on finding a way of eating that is sustainable for the long term.

“F1 is such an incredible sport, but seeing the intensity behind the drivers’ diets and workout routines adds an extra level of respect for all those involved. Lando has become such an influential figure of F1, which is why it’s so fascinating to observe what a typical day of training and dieting entails for the driver”.

This information was provided by fitness experts at the weight loss programme, Second Nature.