Lapel planning sewage plant expansion

May 17—LAPEL — The Lapel Town Council has taken the first steps toward expanding the community's wastewater facility.

Nathan DeLisle with MS Consultants said Thursday a preliminary engineering report has been completed and the proposal is to increase the treatment capacity from 300,000 gallons per day to one million gallons per day.

He said the current plant is operating at 75% to 80% capacity.

DeLisle said the proposal is to expand the plant for operations for the next 20 years, which will include a lift station and a forced main at County Road 400 South.

He said if the plant reaches 90% capacity, the state will impose a sewer ban which would not allow any new users of the system.

Chad Blake, president of the town council, said the current plant has enough capacity for an additional 100 to 125 houses.

He said there are two developers looking to build up to 125 houses in Lapel.

DeLisle said the town will submit an application with the Indiana Financing Authority for a low-interest loan at 3.4% to pay for the expansion.

He said the cost will range from $42 million to $54 million, depending on when the funds for the expansion are available.

DeLisle said if state funding is approved, the project could be started in the spring.

The work will include the rehabilitation of existing sewer lines with a liner installed in the pipes that were installed starting in the 1950s.

Blake said the town is currently reviewing the sewer rates with the intention of phasing in increases in the future.

"This is the first step," DeLisle said.


The town council passed through a first reading an ordinance to establish a cumulative capital development fund at a maximum property tax rate of 5%.

Blake explained the estimated $15,000 raised annually will be shifted from the town's general fund.

The fund could be used for the purchase of equipment for the police department, town maintenance department and purchase of computer equipment.

"It's a good fund to have money set aside," Blake said.

If approved by the state, the fund will go into effect in 2025.

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