Large Hole in Ice Seen After Russian State Helicopter Crash

A large break in the ice could be seen at the crash site of an MI-8 helicopter belonging to a state rescue agency at Russia’s Lake Onega, footage released by the Russian Investigative Committee on February 5 showed.

The committee said the wreckage was found just over six miles from the coast and at a depth of 164 ft. The search for the three crew members was still ongoing.

The State Committee of Karelia said part of a helicopter with symbols of Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations was also discovered near the break in the ice. No crew members were found.

The Karelia state committee said a remote-controlled underwater vehicle had been deployed in the search along with 95 people, including 29 divers.

The MI-8 helicopter had left Peski airport in Petrozavodsk on Sunday evening, but did not arrive at its destination, prompting authorities to carry out a search.

The investigative group said the likely cause of the crash was a “violation of traffic safety rules.”

The helicopter was flown by an “experienced crew with thousands of flight hours,” according to RIA Novosti. Credit: Russian Investigative Committee via Storyful

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