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Euclid’s new image of Messier 78 (ESA/Euclid/Euclid Consortium/Nasa)
Euclid’s new image of Messier 78 (ESA/Euclid/Euclid Consortium/Nasa)

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The European Space Agency’s Euclid telescope has sent back the largest images of the universe ever taken from space.

Dr Jesper Skottfelt, a research fellow at the Open University’s Centre for Electronic Imaging, who works on the VIS technology that helps take these incredible pictures, tells Tech & Science Daily about the significance of the images, and what’s next for the mission.

The Open University team is continuing to monitor the detectors, allowing Euclid to return the best possible images and data for the mission’s lifetime.

Astronomers say that the images taken by Euclid are at least four times sharper than those captured using ground-based telescopes.

A satellite that will provide an early warning system for potentially dangerous space weather is to be built in the UK.

‘Vigil’ is being designed and built by Airbus after it was selected by the European Space Agency.

The spacecraft will give vital extra warning about incoming solar storms and coronal mass ejections which can potentially disrupt satellites in orbit and electronic and power distribution systems on Earth.

Data from Vigil could also provide notice of four to five days of solar winds streaming towards our planet.

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