Last chance for Leicestershire residents to order larger bins in time for start of reduced collections

Last chance to order larger bins
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Residents in Oadby and Wigston are being given a last chance to order larger black bins before the reduced bin collection service starts in the area.

The council has warned that if residents are sure they will need a bigger bin by the time the new reduced service starts on Monday, September 2, they need to place their order by Friday July 5. All residents should have received a letter last month explaining the the new alternate bin collection schedule with general waste one week and recycling the next.

The authority said it is encouraging residents to stick to the current size bin and try out the new system first, but if people are certain they will need the larger size then that option is available. The cost of the bin swap is £38, and orders that are made prior to the deadline will be delivered in July or August before the new system is introduced.

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The council added if residents lived in a flat or sheltered accommodation with communal bins, they would not be affected by the changes.

Oadby and Wigston Borough Council said: "While we encourage you to stick with your current bins and trial the new system first, if you know you will need a bigger black bin from Monday, September 2, you must place an order by Friday, July 5. Those that order by then will receive their bin swap in July or August, before the alternative weekly system in introduced."

The council added if residents found at a later date they needed the larger bin, the swap scheme would still be available after July 5. Bins ordered after the deadline will be delivered in October.

The council said new collection dates would be posted to residents in August, highlighting the relevant collection days for each household for both general waste and recycling.

The authority said by March 2026, it expected to be introducing a weekly food waste collection, which it described as a new service that all councils are currently preparing for.