Last day for East Bernstadt students set

Apr. 17—The last day of school for East Bernstadt School students will be on Friday, May 17.

That was the decision of board members last week, after Superintendent Vicki Jones explained how the missed days affected this year's schedule.

Jones said school had been cancelled two days for inclement weather and that five NTI (non-traditional instruction) days had been utilized. She added that the school schedule is set for extra minutes and extra days each year.

"The last day is set for (Tuesday) May 20 but I don't think there will be too many attend those last two days," Jones told board members.

She added that the school schedule allots students attending four extra days each year as well as building up extra minutes.

Board chair Jim Sutton said that with the students having their required hours in for the school year, it would be best to dismiss school for students for those last two days. Trisha Mullins made the motion for forgive those two days, with board members voting unanimously in favor. Jones said that staff would still be required to work those two days.

"We'll have (8th grade) graduation on the evening of May 17," she added. "The preschool graduation is next Thursday (April 18) because the Preschool goes on a different schedule."

Board members also approved the school calendar for the 2024-2025 school year, as well as agreeing to utilize non-certified subs for the upcoming academic year.

Finance Officer Adam Hooker and IT Director Mike Burns both gave updates to board members. Hooker said the projected SEEK funds would increase for the next school year, due to an increase approved by the Kentucky legislature. That increase, based on student attendance, would increase the school's SEEK funding by $56,000 in 2024-2025 and $117,000 in 2025-2026.

"If nothing changes," Hooker added.

East Bernstadt students will continue to receive free breakfast and lunch next year, as board members approved the CEP funding for the upcoming year.

Abolishing five tutoring teacher positions for the upcoming school year raised some concerns, with Jones explaining that the positions were funded by ESRA and Gear UP funds that have been depleted.

"If the funds are available, we will re-establish those," Jones said.

Several students were also recognized during the board meeting and included winners of an essay contest, Rogers Scholars, academic team projects and Science Fair winners.