Last rural Stirlingshire bank set to close as Callander given October bombshell

Bank of Scotland has announced it is to close its branch in Callander, thought to be the last bank branch in the rural Stirling area.
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Rural Stirling’s last remaining bank is set to close.

The Callander branch of Bank of Scotland will shut its doors for the final time on October 30.

The nearest permanent bank for rural residents is thought to be 10 miles away in Stirling from Callander alone and a whopping 70 miles in the other direction - in Oban.

The news has been criticised by both politicians and locals.

Stirling MSP Evelyn Tweed (SNP) said: “I am deeply disappointed to hear that Bank of Scotland are closing their Callander branch on October 30.

“This is the last bank left in Callander and this is also the last bank branch in the entirety of rural Stirling.

“The impact of this closure is likely to be significant, far beyond Callander.

“I will be contacting Link to conduct an Access to Cash Review of Callander to establish whether a banking hub is a possibility for the town.”

Local Conservative councillor, Martin Earl, said: “I am afraid this is just another example of organisations withdrawing face -to-face services and requiring customers to ‘go digital’.

“There are still many for whom those options are not possible or desirable and this decision will make life just that bit more difficult than it was.

“It is also another loss to our main street, one less reason for people to visit it.”

A Bank of Scotland spokesperson said: “As many customers now choose to bank through their mobile app or online, visits to our Callander branch have fallen over recent years.

“The local Post Office offers everyday banking, with cash also available at close by free-to-use ATMs. Customers can also manage their money through our mobile banking apps, online, by calling us or speaking to a Community Banker.”

The Bank of Scotland say 75 per cent of its personal customers already use other ways of banking, such as mobile, internet or phone banking, as well as other branches and that branch transactions at the Callander branch fell more than 57 per cent between 2019 and 2024.

They added: “Mobile banking gives people 24/7/365 access to their finances. Customers can see all their money in one place, pay in cheques, apply for finance, check their credit score and message our customer support teams.

“We use some of the latest technologies and systems to help keep our customers and their money safe. Our mobile apps are also compatible with standard device screen readers.

“The nearby Post Office, which is a three minute walk away at 5 Station Road, offers personal and business customers everyday banking services, access to cash, paying in of cheques, and more.

“The nearest free-to-use ATM is a short walk away (0.05 miles), and there are four free-to-use ATMs within one mile of the closing branch.

“Customers can use any Bank of Scotland branch for their banking, alongside other options such as the Post Office, online, mobile and telephone banking.

“We’re contacting customers to let them know about the alternate local banking services available.

“In the run up to the branch closure, branch staff will be on-hand to offer support and guidance on the ways customers can bank with us. After the branch closes we will have a Community Banker visit the area, who will continue to offer face to face targeted support for as long as the community needs it.

“We will discuss with local communities which locations would be appropriate for our Community Banker to set up in, and on which days.”

However, locals took to social media to slam the move, with many local customers saying they had yet to be directly contacted.

Millar Reid described it as a “total disaster for Callander”, adding: “This means that there is no bank between Stirling and Oban or Fort William.

“Local business will certainly suffer, that’s for sure. Nowhere to bank is a major concern for any business that handles cash. Also it doesn’t inspire confidence in the local economy.”

Brian McKay said: “With the post office also closing, what are businesses supposed to do with their cash takings? What are charitable organisations that take cash at events like coffee mornings, bottle stalls etc, supposed to do? Or is this all part of the plot to drive cash out of the system? A shameful day!”

The Callander closure is one of 15 Bank of Scotland branches across the country being closed by Lloyds Banking Group, part of a larger plan that will see a total of 60 branches from Lloyds Bank, Halifax, and Bank of Scotland shuttered between October 2024 and June 2025.

In recent years a number of banking groups have closed numerous branches across the Stirling area with Aberfoyle, Bannockburn, Balfron, Dunblane and Killin just some of the communities which have seen premises axed.