The Last of Us' Gabriel Luna on emotional scene he and Pedro Pascal changed

The Last of Us spoilers follow.

The Last of Us star Gabriel Luna has opened up about that emotional scene between his character Tommy and Joel (Pedro Pascal) in the latest episode.

During 'Kin', the two brothers are finally reunited in Jackson, Wyoming, where Joel discovers that Tommy is now part of a commune.

Speaking about the pair's barroom confrontation, Luna explained that when rehearsing the scene the two actors "completely rewrote" it.

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"In that session, Pedro and I completely rewrote the scene. We didn't change a single letter. We just restructured the way that this scene unfolds," he told Entertainment Weekly.

"[Writer] Craig [Mazin] being the mensch and the incredible artist that he is, he was like: 'This is better.'

Luna explained that "it made it feel right in terms of the way we hit each of these beats", elaborating: "How I eventually build the courage to stand up to [Joel] and tell him the truth and tell him what is an extremely joyful thing for me but potentially a very hurtful thing for him to hear, that I was gonna be a father.

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"That was pretty much the only scene on the slate that whole day," he added. "It was just Pedro and I being brothers and doing what brothers do: laughing, joking, needling each other, and eventually fighting."

Elsewhere in 'Kin', the episode appeared to introduce a key character from the second The Last of Us game in Dina, Ellie's future love interest.

The Last of Us airs on HBO in the US, and on Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW in the UK.

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