Is There a New ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Airing This Week?

John Oliver’s HBO series “Last Week Tonight” is not only an Emmys juggernaut, it’s also one of the most buzzy talk series on right now. The former “Daily Show” correspondent has anchored the show since 2014 — nearly a decade at this point — and the show hasn’t lot a single pep in its step. If anything, it’s gotten even more confident and sharp through challenges like the COVID pandemic and the writers’ strike.

But as with any show, “Last Week Tonight” has to take some time off for its writers, producers and host to recuperate. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering if this is one of those weeks.

So is there a new episode of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” tonight? No, there is not a new episode of “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday, Jan. 28. The show has been on hiatus since its Season 10 finale in December, but good news — new episodes are on the horizon.

“Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” has been renewed through 2026, keeping Oliver on the air for at least two more seasons. Season 11 premieres on Feb. 18, 2024.

In Oliver’s first episode back after the strike, he said he was “immensely proud” of the WGA while laying into the studios. “While I’m happy they eventually got a fair deal and immensely proud of what our union accomplished, but I’m also furious that it took the studios 148 days to achieve a deal that they could have offered on day f—ing one,” Oliver said in the Oct. 1 show.

“It was an immensely difficult time, not just for [the writers], but for everyone else working on this show and others who could no longer do their jobs,” he said. “To be clear, this strike happened for good reason. Our industry has seen its workers severely squeezed in recent years. You might have seen stories about writers and actors, whose work you recognize, routinely not making enough to qualify for health insurance or afford basic needs so the writers guild went on strike and thankfully won.”

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