Latest Love Island bombshell aims to bring ‘honesty’ to the villa

Love Island’s latest bombshell, Samie Elishi, says she has “no filter” and is set to bring “honesty” to the villa.

The 22-year-old estate agent will make her entrance on the hit ITV2 dating show during Sunday evening’s episode.

News of Samie’s arrival is broken to the male islanders via a text, which causes a wave of excitement as semi-pro footballer Tom Clare reads: “Boys, grab a drink and head to the sundeck to meet Samie #HappyHour #GetOnJob.”

The excitement doesn’t go unnoticed by the girls, who overhear the boys shouting as they are getting ready for the evening in the dressing room upstairs.

Personal trainer and influencer Jessie Wynter, 26, asks: “What are they doing?”

While makeup artist Lana Jenkins, 25, says: “What’s going on? What if they’ve got a text?”

Ahead of her arrival at the South African villa, Samie spoke about her reasons for taking part in the show, saying: “All my single friends are starting to settle down, so whenever I suggest a girls’ trip, everyone’s staying in with their boyfriends. I want someone to do that with too.”

Samie, from London, also described herself as “fun” and “fit,” adding: “I’ve got to back myself or no-one else will.”

Elsewhere in Sunday night’s show, recent arrival Ellie Spence – a 25-year-old business development executive at a law firm – grows closer to 23-year-old Tom despite previously choosing to couple up with 25-year-old financial advisor Ron Hall.

When Ellie approaches Tom while he is in the gym, he asks her: “Do I make you a bit flustered?”

To which Ellie admits: “You do, you definitely do.”

Tom gets straight to the pointing, asking Ellie: “Do you like spending time with me?”

Ellie replies: “100%, you’re not bad to look at either, you’ve got really good eye-contact as well, it makes me nervous, you’ve got really nice eyes.”

Love Island continues on ITV2 and ITVX.