Latrice Royale LAUGHS at Republicans, drags them for being ‘stupid’ & ‘ridiculous’

Latrice Royale We're Here HBO Max
Latrice Royale We're Here HBO Max

This chunky yet funky legend is calling out the far right!

Not only is Latrice Royale known as Miss Congeniality from the fourth season of RuPaul's Drag Race, but this queen has taken over the world with charisma, hilarious laugh, and a bold outlook on life.

The star is currently serving as one of the new hosts on season four of We're Here, and she's marching into small towns to show close-minded people that drag and the LGBTQ+ community are nothing to be afraid of.

"Hallelujah! Let's do it. It feels to be able to spread love and positivity. It could not come at a better time," Royale tells PRIDE.

With her signature smile and kind attitude, Royale shows all the haters and conservatives that love always wins, even in the face of hate.

"Getting to see the ridiculousness of it all and to arm them with facts and a completely different approach than what they expected to happen... is always entertaining for me. We have to continue to dispel the myths and the fake news that's going around. It's just stupid."

While many Republicans oppose drag queens and want LGBTQ+ equality to be taken away, this queen is reminding everyone that these people simply have nothing going on.

"Why is that so difficult? Because they're miserable in their own lives. This is not the time to buckle. This is not the time to hide. No! You stand up. Don't stand down."

We're Here is streaming now on Max. To see the full interview with Latrice Royale, check out the video below.

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