Laura Anderson takes 'swipe' at ex Gary Lucy for not supporting daughter Bonnie

laura anderson
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Laura Anderson has publicly criticised her ex-partner Gary Lucy for allegedly not "seeing or supporting" their daughter. The former couple welcomed baby Bonnie in September last year.

Scottish reality star Laura, 35, had a whirlwind romance with the 42-year-old Hollyoaks actor after they first met on Channel 4's Celebs Go Dating. They briefly rekindled following the birth of their young daughter, however since broke things off.

Despite love not working out, the former Love Island star insisted they will continue to co-parent and remain friends for the sake of Bonnie. However it appears, according to reports in the Mirror, relations have turned sour.

Laura expressed her disappointment on Instagram while playing with Bonnie, stating: "How anyone could go without seeing or supporting their child is beyond me. I love you Bonnie Rose."

Meanwhile, Gary, who also has four children, India, Elvis, Sadie, and Theodore, from his former marriage to Natasha Gray, responded by sharing a video montage featuring his other "little pickles" on his Instagram.

Gary Lucy
Gary Lucy appeared to take a swipe at ex Laura on social media -Credit:Instagram

Supportive comments poured in from fans, with one empathetically posting: "Bonnie is another pickle she is absolutely adorable and needs her daddy too. Honestly I know what it's like growing up without my dad even though I knew he was out there... he chose not to be interested, It's so so hard through life... she needs you."

Gary didn't directly respond to the allegations but did share a cryptic quote on his Instagram story that read: "When you discover your self-worth, you lose interest in anyone who doesn't see it."

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It comes after Laura supposedly accused him of not contributing towards their eight-month-old daughter's essential items like food or nappies. Laura took to social media to voice her frustrations, responding to a fan she said: "Why do guys get away with whatever they want it's mental. Imagine if I didn't pay for Bonnie's food, nappies, clothes etc etc etc etc etc. I think people should be held accountable for their actions for once in their lives and I wouldn't be my true self if I sat back any longer and took all the crap, it's very damaging. Only love x."

In addition, she penned alongside another comment: "I did everything I could do make my family work, fool me. There's no more cryptic posts anymore I'm fed up hiding the truth. It is what it is."

Laura, who was thrilled to land her 'dream job' at Capital Radio earlier this year, spoke of being a single mum previously. She told the Mirror: "I think it was hard to get my head around initially, it wasn't what I expected. But that's the cards I was dealt in the end. Of course, I'm going to make it work for my child, even more so. I feel like I'm a really good mum, to be honest."

Sharing nuggets of wisdom for other mums in a similar situation, she emphasised the importance of organisation, adding: "Prioritise what you need to do, it's just me. I have to make it work. I am tired but of course, I'm going to be tired. I'm bringing up a human soul, that's what I signed up for."

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