GMB's Laura Tobin makes tearful statement on climate change after flying to Norway to present weather

Watch: GMB's Laura Tobin becomes emotional talking about her daughter and climate change

Good Morning Britain presenter Laura Tobin broke down in tears as she discussed climate change – while presenting the weather from Norway.

The 39-year-old meteorologist admitted she was missing her four-year-old daughter Charlotte after flying to the Arctic Circle in Svalbard for the ITV breakfast show to highlight the effects of global warming.

Tobin burst into tears as she said: "I came here, ripped away from Charlotte for six days. My producer Ruth hasn't seen her daughter, she's never had a night away from her.

<p>Good Morning Britain's Laura Tobin was reporting from Svalbard, near the North Pole, talking about the devastating effects of the climate crisis when she got emotional.</p>
Laura Tobin's daughter had drawn a picture to give to a polar bear. (ITV)

"And I wanted to come here and tell the story of the people here because it's actually not a story, it's a reality."

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Holding up a picture to camera, she went on: "And my little Charlotte had drawn this picture of a polar bear and she asked me to give it to the polar bear. But if Charlotte comes here when she's my age, there potentially won't be polar bears."

Tobin added: "We were all talking about what we can do. Just understanding the reality and everyone making a different and everyone working together and not pointing fingers will help. So I hope you've enjoyed what we've done, because we've loved it, even though I'm crying."

Laura Tobin 'Good Morning Britain' (ITV/Ken McKay)
Laura Tobin on Good Morning Britain. (ITV/Ken McKay)

Explaining why the GMB weather team flew to Norway, she said: "Svalbard is warming up and more than anywhere else on Earth, and the impacts around the world are huge.

"We need ice because it helps cool our planet. The weather here and the fact the ice is melting disrupts the jet-streams and changes the weather in the UK, the ice melting leads to sea level rise, which will lead to flooding in the UK.

"And here the vision of the changing landscape and the impact it's had on ecosystems and wildlife before our eyes has been breathtaking and devastating."

Some viewers praised Tobin for highlighting the environmental issue on breakfast TV.

British Weather Services tweeted: "Ignore the armchair keyboard climate deniers & do nothings. They are diminishing as fast as the ice. Keep going Laura! More of this pls GMB!"

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But others claimed the segment was hypocritical – because the film crew had contributed to carbon emissions by flying to the Arctic Circle.

Dr Hilary Jones, Ranvir Singh, Charlotte Hawkins, Laura Tobin and Richard Arnold attending the TV Choice Awards held at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London.
Dr Hilary Jones, Ranvir Singh, Charlotte Hawkins, Laura Tobin and Richard Arnold attending the TV Choice Awards held at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London.

Tobin tweeted: "I glad I made the decision to be here for 6 days. I miss my Charlottes but it’s important for me to show her and you the reality of climate change & for us to save our planet for her & future generations."

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