Laura Woods suffers horror injury while on holiday with Newcastle boyfriend and pulls out of Fury vs Usyk

Laura Woods is dating Love Island star Adam Collard
Laura Woods is dating Love Island star Adam Collard -Credit:Getty Images

Laura Woods, the host of TNT Sports and DAZN, had to withdraw from presenting the Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk match after sustaining a severe injury while on holiday.

Woods was not part of the coverage for Fury's weigh-in against Usyk on Friday, and she has since given an update about her current condition and inability to attend the anticipated clash following serious injuries that she received during a vacation with her boyfriend Adam Collard, from Newcastle.

On social media, she revealed: "Just wanted to explain my absence from the telly for a little while, to be totally transparent and avoid any speculation."

She went on to describe the unfortunate accident suffered at a holiday cottage saying: "I had an accident last weekend at a holiday cottage. I swung a pillow and hit a large, glass lampshade hanging from the ceiling above me, which shattered and cut my face and arms, but luckily missed my eye."

In gratitude for the help, she received during the horrifying event, Woods said: "I wanted to say a couple of thank yous, firstly to Adam, for being my hero that day, acting so quickly and not leaving my side since and to his family for taking care of me in a time when I was petrified.", reports the Mirror.

Also, to her agents Alex Maguire and Matthew Odonohue, she added: "To my agents Alex Maguire and Matthew Odonohue at CAA who searched for the best help immediately. To Dr Yannis Alexandrides and his wonderful medical assistant Zuzanna at 111 who opened their emergency surgery and came in on their days off, they were so gentle and have already worked magic that I didn't think was possible to reduce the damage."

In addition, she shared photographs showing the progress of her recovery. Confirming: "I've added in the photos from then to now to show that even though it may look rough, it's such a wonderful improvement already and I'm so grateful."

"It was a hell of a shock and I've been a bit sad, but I'm feeling very lucky it wasn't worse. So a big thanks to my eyebrow too, for taking the brunt of it."

"I'm gutted I can't cover the fight in Riyadh tomorrow anymore, but wishing the brilliant TNT boxing team all the best. Be back soon xx".

Fury is set to face Usyk in an undisputed bout that will unify the heavyweight division. Both fighters are undefeated and will risk their records in Saudi Arabia.

The fight is scheduled for Saturday night after the two men faced off. Fury pushed Usyk in the chest before they were separated by security at the weigh-in for the super-fight.

Laura Woods will miss Fury vs Usyk on Saturday Night

"I'm going to knock him right out," Fury said, using a number of expletives. I'm coming for his heart.

He's getting it tomorrow, spark out. They [his team] can all get it if they want it.

"Fury weighed 277lb for his controversial fight against former UFC champion Francis Ngannou last October and was 15lb lighter on the scale ahead of his mega-fight against Usyk."

I've been in good shape, I've had two or three camps back to back. People say to me all the time 'You're looking skinny' but I'm weighing the exact same on the scales I've been using for the last 10 years," he said.

It remains uncertain whether Woods will be present to present TNT Sports' coverage of the Champions League Final at the beginning of next month.