Laurence Fox says ex-wife Billie Piper's co-parenting claims are 'outright lies'

Laurence Fox has responded after ex-wife Billie Piper said co-parenting two children with the actor had come with "enormous difficulty".

Piper, who has been largely coy about her 2016 divorce from Fox, made the comments in an interview with British Vogue.

Fox responded on Friday in an extended post on X in which he called her comments "outright lies".

"The reality is that not all marriages work out and the world isn't perfect," he wrote.

"I do however take great exception to the assertion that co-parenting with me is enormously difficult," Fox added.

"I have never tried to deny our boys access to their mum and I would never wish her anything other than a stable family, which it seems continues to elude her.

"My only focus these past years has been to be present in their lives and be a loving dad. I'm not perfect, but I've done my absolute best to put the kids first."

Fox claimed Piper had taken him to court "more than a dozen times" since their split, "forcing us to hand over more money which really should be going towards the children's future".

He also criticised the "secretive" family court system, which he claimed was "hugely weighted towards the mother" and was "totally unfit for purpose".

The former Lewis actor, who in recent times has remodelled himself as an "anti-woke" campaigner and leader of the populist Reclaim Party, has found himself embroiled in several controversies.

One of the most recent led to him being dropped by GB News over "misogynistic" comments about a journalist. He later apologised.

Piper told Vogue such controversies meant co-parenting her children, aged 11 and 15, with Fox came "with enormous difficulty".

"I've had to make some choices and a divorce speaks for itself. Or at least it should," she said.

"What is paramount for me is the privacy and anonymity of my children," she said. "They deserve not to be extensions of the parents and to forge their own identities."

Vogue said the interview with Piper took place days before a judge ruled Fox had libeled two people when he referred to them as "paedophiles" on social media.

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Asked what she does when such dramas arise, Piper said: "I close everything down and keep a very strict routine with the kids so that there's consistency.

"I keep them close. That's all I can do."

"I try to keep people from telling me stuff but it's really, really hard," she added.

"I don't read it but everyone wants to talk about it. Sometimes I have to say to people: 'Please don't bring this to me, now or ever'."