Laurence Fox slammed for posting indecent unearthed photo of TV host

Laurence Fox
Laurence Fox -Credit:Getty Images

Laurence Fox has posted an unearthed upskirt photo of a TV host on social media.

The actor-turned-politician, 45, has been slammed online after he took to X, formally Twitter, to mock Jeremy Vine and GB News star Narinder Kaur. Fox posted a compromising paparazzi photograph of the 51-year-old television star in the back of a vehicle - showing Kaur without any underwear on.

He has now been criticised by countless X users, who say the decision to post the picture was "low, even for him". As reported by the Mirror, Fox appeared to criticise the GB News star for her alleged opinions on fellow UK TV host Leilani Dowding.

He wrote: "I for one applaud the celebration of modesty which Narinder highlighted in her criticism of ⁦@LeilaniDowding for getting her b**s out. We need standards in public life."

Upskirting is a criminal offence in the UK, and the photo was removed from picture sites following it becoming a criminal offence. The photo was taken without Narinder's knowledge or consent when it was sent to pictures sites by the paparazzi.

Following his post, Fox has been blasted by X users, but he has not backed down on his decision to re-share the photograph. Broadcaster Esther Krakue complained: "This is low, even for you." To which Fox replied: "She’s a nasty racist who has mocked @LeilaniDowding for her page three days. She can go cry victim all she wants. It’s not my fault she forgot to put her pants on, the whining cry bully hypocrite."

In response Fox's defence, another user replied: "Surely you must see that "mocking" someone isn't on the same level as posting intimate images of them online without their consent. It's like if someone said you were a racist, you couldn't then accuse them of the crime of being a paedophile it's not an equal response."

Not backing down, Fox replied: "I don’t take the photo and I didn’t forget to put my pants on. Jog on." The X user then claimed that while Fox may not be the original source of the photo, sharing it amounted to criminal intimate image abuse.

Another X user hit back: "Revenge porn isn't worthy of you darling." To which Fox responded: "I think you might need to look up the definition of “revenge porn”. It’s not my fault she forgot to put her pants on."

Laurence Fox has been slammed online after he re-posted the upskirt photo
Laurence Fox has been slammed online after he re-posted the upskirt photo

Speaking to the Mirror, a friend of Good Morning Britain star Narinder said: "The fact that a standing politician like Laurence Fox would stoop to such lows is completely disgusting.

"Narinder has always been vocal about issues she cares about and while she’s endured horrendous backlash before, she never expected to become the target of such vicious attacks. It's appalling that more high-profile figures, who Narinder regularly works with, haven't spoken out in support of Narinder. But the truth is, they're scared."

They continued: "They've seen how volatile and cult-like Fox's followers can be. His followers are renowned for being aggressive and relentless in their attacks. This makes figures afraid of facing the same kind of backlash if they challenge him. It's a sad reflection of the times we're living in when standing up for what's right comes with such risks. It's created a chilling effect, where even those who would typically speak out against such behaviour are staying silent out of fear.

"Narinder deserves better than this. She's worked tirelessly to make her voice heard in amongst a male-dominated, increasingly right wing rhetoric and this setback is crushing. She's determined to reclaim her dignity, no matter how daunting the challenge may seem."

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