Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen claims King Charles is 'cod shouldering' him after Coronation comments

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen has claimed King Charles has been ignoring him since his Coronation.

The 59-year-old TV star and interior designer - best known for presenting BBC programme 'Changing Rooms' - admitted he and the monarch haven't seen each other since he became king, and Laurence wonders if his comments about the big day have soured their friendship.

Appearing on the 'My Dirty Laundry' podcast, he said: "I haven't seen Charles since the coronation.

"I think he might be cold-shouldering me. I was a bit rude about his purple pyjamas and I'm not sure, I think I've just lost the knighthood.

"But you know I think the purple pyjamas jibe was justified. I am standing by it."

He elaborated on his criticism, insisting that King Charles - who was diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer last month - wasn't wearing the right shade.

He added: "They were the wrong shade of purple. Now only I would say that.

"They were Pantone 739. They need to be Pantone in 742. No, I just think I think the thing is, the crown was amazing. You know, the whole thing. Lovely, lovely, lovely...

"Let's see what happens around Christmas. If we get the Christmas card, I know I'm back in the fold."

However, Laurence - who once bought a barn conversion from the monarch - hasn't held back, as he also insisted that Westminster Abbey has been "very overlit" and "looks like an old people's home".

He said: "It looks like the cleaners have left the fluorescent lights on and actually, it needs to be beautiful and romantic and kind of candlelit and powerful and timeless and ageless.

"And at the moment, you know, there's something of the mall to it. You know, it just looks a little bit too retail park."

Laurence suggested that "as creative curator of the Blackpool Illuminations", he should be part of discussions for the next royal engagement if he's "still around".

He quipped: "I think we need a bit more Blackpool in the coronation, don't you? I can just imagine the Palace getting on the phone and saying, 'You were right. We are going for more Blackpool.' "

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