Lauryn Hill postpones most of remaining tour dates due to 'serious vocal strain'

Lauryn Hill has postponed most of the remaining dates on her tour after battling "serious vocal strain" for the past month.

The 48-year-old hip hop artist has been playing shows on her 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill' 25th anniversary tour alongside the Fugees, and she has been "making it through" each gig by taking a prescribed medication to help her voice, but she admits that is "detrimental to the body when taken in large amounts over long periods of time".

As a result, Lauryn has been forced to reschedule several shows, because she needs to "take time off to allow for real vocal recovery".

She wrote on Instagram: "I’d like to start this off by saying how much I’ve enjoyed being on the road, and how much I appreciate all of the fans who have come out to celebrate this incredible milestone anniversary and history making reunion with us. Being able to tour this album to sold out crowds after 25 years has been an emotional experience! I’ve loved sharing the stage again with Wyclef and Pras. The Return of the Fugees has been powerful and amazing - those who’ve witnessed it can testify. The tour itself reminds us the artists, and the audiences alike of earlier, perhaps less complicated times when ‘It could all be so simple…’ or ‘Ready Or Not, here I come!’ were on repeat on the airwaves. Simply put, classic. Classic music, classic performances with audiences who love those classics has been nothing but…wait for it ... EPIC. (I almost said classic again!)

"As many of you may know, I’ve been battling serious vocal strain for the past month. I made it through each show by taking prescribed prednisone, but this can be detrimental to the body when taken in large amounts over long periods of time. In order to prevent any long term negative affect on my voice and my body, I need to take time off to allow for real vocal recovery so that I can discontinue the medication completely.

"For this reason we have to reschedule most of the remaining shows this year. The shows that were cancelled this year will be rescheduled for early 2024 AND because of the overwhelming response, we’ll be adding new cities to the tour, including overseas.

We’re working on the new calendar now, and announcing soon. (sic)"

However, Lauryn is still planning to perform at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center on Sunday (26.11.23), after the initial show was due to take place last month.

She added: "The show in PHILLY this weekend IS STILL HAPPENING. We already had to move this show once and being so close to New Jersey, it’s basically hometown for us - so we’ll close out the year with one final show amongst friends and family!

"We want to thank everyone who celebrated with us - EVERY SINGLE FAN ...and ALL band, crew, production, staff, family, friends and Day 1-OG-CAMP members who helped make each and every single night LEGENDARY!

"We’re ALL looking forward to getting back out again next year to finish this EPIC (now extended anniversary) celebration of these CLASSICS.

MLH (sic)"

Last month, Lauryn had to postpone her Philadelphia concert, which was due to take place on October 23rd, to prevent "serious strain or damage" to her vocal cords.

She wrote on Instagram at the time: "Dear Philadelphia, It is with disappointment that I am writing this note to you. On the advice of my physicians, I have no choice but to postpone the show. I need to rest my voice to prevent any more serious strain or damage to my vocal cords.

"The start of this tour has been incredible. What an amazing experience to celebrate this anniversary with all of my family, my friends and all of you.

"I look forward to giving you the show you deserve with a fully recovered and healthy voice."