Law Roach Says He and Zendaya Are “Fashion Soul Mates”

Law Roach and Zendaya have a special kind of professional relationship.

The stylist sat down with The New York Times to discuss his plans a little after a year after he announced he was retiring from celebrity styling. During the interview, Roach shined a light on his ongoing working relationship with the Challengers star.

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“We call each other our fashion soul mates,” he told the publication. “We also refer to our relationship as ‘big ideas, small details.’ I come in with, ‘You should wear 14 dresses, and you should change, and you should have a wig on and take it off so your hair should fall down!’ And she’s, ‘No, no, no, no. We’re going to do two dresses, and I’m going to keep the same hair.’

He continued, “It’s like, I write the script, and she does the rewrites. Not saying that we don’t argue, because we do, and we fight over things. But I know my place. I know she’s the boss, and she also has enough respect for me and love for me to let me be the boss sometimes.”

When the reporter noted that Roach doesn’t seem that retired, he admitted that he’s the most unretired, retired person, but he has turned down a lot of possible clients — except Zendaya, revealing he can’t say no to her.

Elsewhere in the conversation, the stylist shared that the first few months after his retirement were difficult for him because he felt like so much of who he was came from what he did, and he didn’t know who he was.

“I was just tired. Also, my nephew died the year before. He was 3, and he fell out a window the day before Thanksgiving,” he shared. “I never had a real time to grieve because I was working and working and working. So I went through this grieving process for him and for my career. I went through guilt, thinking that people who look up to me were going to see me as a quitter, and sadness.”

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