Lawrence Shankland 'disrespect' slammed as John Robertson takes Pat Bonner to task over 'Celtic way' dismissal

John Robertson has accused Pat Bonner of being 'disrespectful' to Lawrence Shankland by claiming he wouldn't fit into the 'Celtic way' of playing.

The Hearts skipper bagged his 31st goal of the season in a thrilling final day 3-3 draw with Rangers. The Jambos, PFA and SFWA Player of the Year is out on his own as the top scorer in the country and a shoo in for Steve Clarke's Scotland squad heading to Euro 2024 in Germany.

Former Hoops keeper Bonner was asked which of Shankland, Adam Idah or Bojan Miovski he would sign for Celtic, and he claimed that Idah and Miovski would be better fis for Champions League football, despite neither having played in the competition. He wasn't sure if Shankland had it in his game to close down players at the highest level. He told BBC Sportsound: “Well he knows what Adam can do. That’s an advantage there. He knows what he’s valued at. I think Miovski would be one that you'd probably be thinking very closely about because of his pace and he scores goals.

“The thing about Lawrence Shankland is that he will score goals, no doubt about that, for a team that’s performing here in the league. He will get chances to score. But when it goes into the higher level in the Champions League, when sometimes you are under the cosh, you might get one or two chances. But you have to work very, very hard up front. Close people down and all of that.

“I'm not sure Lawrence would have that piece of his game to match what the expectations might be. That might be the bet where you might not go for Lawrence Shankland. A lot of big teams would be looking at that part of it all.

“He can score goals, but I'm not sure if he could fit into the Celtic way of playing, in the way that Miovski might do and Adam Idah already proved.”

However, Tynecastle legend Robertson was having none of it. The man who has scored more league goals for the Jambos than anyone else hit back at Bonner with a list of Shankland achievements and reckons he'd score goals for any team in any league.

He replied: “I think you’re being a wee bit disrespectful to Lawrence Shankland if I’m being honest guys. To say he's not got the pace? Well he’s scored home and away against Celtic, he's scored home and away against Hibs. The big games.

‘He’s scored more goals than any other striker in Scottish football against the same opposition. So why wouldn't he score goals for Celtic? You're saying he doesn't have pace - you don’t necessarily have to have pace to score 31 goals. You've got a goalscorer.

“Might he not be suited for European football? He’s scored goals for Hearts in European football. Yes, in a lesser tournament you could say, but he's still scored. He’s scored a goal for Scotland in Georgia away and he’s going to feature prominently in the European championships.

“I don't want Lawrence Shankland to leave Hearts. I hope he’s here another season and I hope he signs an extension, that would be fantastic.

“I think you’re being disrespectful by saying he wound't fit into the Celtic way. The guy’s proven it last season and this season with nearly 60 goals. So I think he fits into any team.

“Celtic may look for a slightly different type of striker. Someone who runs in behind - Kyogo is very good. He; sharp and run sin behind. Adam Idah and Miovski are more similar in that way.

“But Shankland is a born goalscorer who will score goals for any team in any league.“