Lawsuit aims to halt exporting F-35 parts to Israel

STORY: A court in the Netherlands is weighing a lawsuit that's attempting to stop exports from that country of American-owned spare parts for the F-35 fighter jet, that would be destined for Israel.

It's brought by several human rights groups, including the local branch of the charity Oxfam.

They say that allowing the exports to go forward could make the country complicit in possible war crimes from the conflict in Gaza.

This was court convening in The Hague on Monday.

The Netherlands is home to a warehouse for the American F-35 parts, which are normally shipped onwards to other countries including Israel.

Liesbeth Zegveld is a lawyer representing the human rights groups.

"We all know how the war is conducted. It is from the air, and the F-35 is by far the most advanced military equipment that Israel has. So it’s important that someone says, 'Til this point and no further.'"

A lawyer for the Dutch government says the exports are part of wider obligations and security issues, including Israel's right to defend itself.

Israel denies committing war crimes in the conflict with Hamas. The court's decision is expected in two weeks.