Leading charity claims that paedophiles should be prescribed child sex dolls

Nick Reilly
Child sex dolls could be used in the treatment of paedophiles (Picture: REX Features)

Paedophiles could be stopped from offending if they are allowed to use child sex dolls in a controlled environment, a leading charity has suggested.

Julia Grayson, the chair of Specialist Treatment Organization for the Prevention of Sexual Offending (StopSO), has likened the prescription of a child sex doll to giving methadone to a heroin user.

‘For someone who has an exclusive attraction to children, there is no legal way for them to satisfy their desires apart from masturbating to an image in their own head as they’re not allowed to look at pictures or even draw a drawing’, she claimed.

‘I do know of a man who had children dolls – he had two and was very happy to use them rather than touching a child. This wasn’t great but better than nothing.’

Her bold claims come after a former primary school teacher was found guilty of importing a life-size sex doll from China to the UK.

David Turner was found guilty of importing a sex doll (Picture: REX Features)

David Turner, 72, will be sentenced for the offence in September, as it is illegal to import sex dolls but not to own them. He was also found guilty of possessing 34,000 indecent images.

However, Ms Grayson has not advocated for child sex dolls to be made available to the wider public – amid fears that it could lead to normalising the activity.



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She told The Independent: ‘I would love to get to a stage where society can accept that some people are sexually attracted to children and yet they remain completely law abiding, and it is safe for those people to admit to their attraction.

‘We will be protecting our children better, when this person is able to tell their friends, ‘I am sexually attracted to children, I am a non-offending paedophile, but I am managing it safely and not acting out in anyway. But for your own peace of mind, don’t leave your children with me unaccompanied.’