Leanne Hainsby Returns to Peloton After Revealing Cancer Diagnosis: 'I Felt the Love Today'

Peloton Instructor Leanne Hainsby
Peloton Instructor Leanne Hainsby

Leanne Hainsby/Instagram

Leanne Hainsby is back in the Peloton studio and feeling better than ever.

The Peloton instructor, 35, posted a set of photos to her Instagram celebrating her "first class back" with Peloton and thanking everyone for their support over the days following the announcement of her cancer diagnosis on Friday.

"FIRST CLASS BACK @onepeloton 🎉…and what an eventful journey to the studio it was 🤣," Hainsby wrote in her post alongside a mirror selfie.

"From train strikes and protests, to running through London, AND a pigeon flying straight into the side of my head 🤢, I literally just made it, and I'm so pleased I did so that we could celebrate the music of the coolest man on the planet, Mr @nilerodgers," she continued, also sharing a snap with her and Rodgers together at an event.

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She also posted some additional photographs of herself in the studio and back on the bike and with fellow Peloton instructor and fiancé Ben Alldis.

She shared what it felt like to be back to work after completing a 12-week chemotherapy session to treat her breast cancer:

"I felt the love today," she said. "Honestly, I felt really apprehensive ahead of today's ride. It's a big platform and I've allowed myself to be vulnerable with you all, and today felt a bit like my first day at school, and that's all a lot for so many reasons, but you know what, this was a milestone that felt so far away at one point, and here I am on the other side of it. F**k yeah!"

Hainsby added that she was thankful for all those who showed up for her segment on Wednesday.

"🎉 Your kindness, and your support is beyond anything I could've imagined, and to have over 8.5k of you joining LIVE, and showing each other love in the moment is what it's all about," she added. "On the bike, it'll always be about YOU, and I'm so happy we got to sparkle together today! ✨"

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Peloton's Leanne Hainsby Diagnosed With Breast Cancer at Age 35
Peloton's Leanne Hainsby Diagnosed With Breast Cancer at Age 35

Leanne Hainsby Instagram

Hainsby revealed she was diagnosed with breast cancer on August 2022 in a lengthy post on Instagram Friday, along with photos of her undergoing treatment for her diagnosis.

"Two days before my best friend's funeral, I found a lump in my breast," the British spin instructor began, as she detailed her story alongside a collection of hospital room photos. "That really is a sentence I NEVER imagined writing."

She wrote that she continued to work throughout her breast cancer treatment and would often teach her Wednesday morning LIVE classes before meeting with her mom to get chemotherapy.

Peloton's Leanne Hainsby Diagnosed With Breast Cancer at Age 35
Peloton's Leanne Hainsby Diagnosed With Breast Cancer at Age 35

Leanne Hainsby Instagram Leanne Hainsby

"As a Peloton instructor, a huge part of my role is about the members, and despite my diagnosis, that has always mattered to me hugely. My classes have given me a focus, and some sparkle in an otherwise incredibly tough time, so thank you to the members who had no idea the amount of joy they were bringing to me every day."

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Now that she has completed her 12 weeks of chemotherapy, she will get her portacath, which is a device used to give medication, removed and will receive two weeks of radiotherapy.

As for what happens next, she said, "treatment will continue for a "long time for me, hospital visits are the norm," but she added, "I'm in fantastic hands, and I've got this."