Learner driver wins £100k Porsche in Omaze draw

A learner driver won a £100,000 Porsche in the Omaze Million Pound House Draw. Phoebe Kneller, 23 and from Salisbury, scooped the brand new Porsche Taycan 45 despite only having a provisional license.

Shortly after winning the "Early Bird Prize", Phoebe also discovered that she had landed her dream job as a healthcare assistant, after leaving her receptionist job in March. She described it as the "best day of her life".

Phoebe - who had only been an Omaze subscriber for one month - is currently learning to drive in a 1.3-litre Mercedes A-class with only 120PS that takes almost 10 seconds to reach 62mph. Her boyfriend Josh, 25, drives an 11-year-old Skoda Octavia and says he has no intention of taking the Porsche for a spin saying he’ll happily be a “passenger princess” when Phoebe passes her test.

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The couple were on holiday in Tenerife when Phoebe received the call from Omaze - and said the news was life-changing. "When I found out I’d won, I was actually in a bit of a grump! I’d gone on holiday with my boyfriend, as I’d recently left my old job and was waiting to find out if I’d landed a new one.

"On the day I got the call from Omaze we were in the middle of moving hotels, as we’d woken up with an unwanted guest in our room, a massive cockroach! So, my day hadn’t got off to the best start, but then Omaze told me I'd won a brand new Porsche - so not only did my day change for the better, my whole life did!

“Just after Omaze called, I also found out I'd got the job I'd applied for - it really was the best day of my life. The car is absolutely stunning, although I won’t be taking it for a spin as I don’t have a driving licence!

"I’ve got my test coming up in May, so maybe I'll practise my three point turns in the driveway until then. It's fair to say I never expected my first car to be a £100k Porsche - I was thinking more along the lines of a Ford Fiesta!"

Phoebe, who lives in a rented flat in Salisbury with boyfriend Josh and their cats, says that she plans on selling the car and putting the money towards a deposit on a house. “As lovely as the car is, I’m going to sell it and use the money to buy a little second-hand car and then put the rest towards a deposit for a house - and maybe a holiday in Jamaica as I’ve always dreamed of going there," she said.

“My stepdad will have a go in it for sure, but my boyfriend says he’s not going anywhere near it, he prefers to stick to his Skoda." Phoebe's winning entry came in the first month of her £20 subscription to the Omaze Million Pound House Draw - which has raised £3.1 million for WWF.

Phoebe added: "Even if I hadn't won anything, I like to donate what I can to help good causes, so supporting a charity through an Omaze draw still feels like a win.” James Oakes, Chief International Officer at Omaze, said: “We’re thrilled that Phoebe has won such an incredible car and wish her more luck when she takes her test next month.

"Not only did she win our Early Bird prize, she also contributed to the incredible £3.1 million raised for the WWF. We’re tremendously proud that the Omaze community has already raised over £37 million for good causes across the UK.”

Tanya Steele, CEO at WWF said: “At such a crucial time for our planet, we’re thrilled and so grateful to Omaze and to everyone who entered the Omaze Million Pound House draw in Cornwall, who raised a phenomenal £3.1 million for WWF.

“The money raised through this draw will go towards our vital work protecting wildlife and restoring nature, both on our doorsteps in the UK and around the world.
Thank you Omaze, and to everyone who entered. This partnership will help us considerably in our fight to bring our world back to life.”

Draw entries for the Omaze Million Pound House Draw, Dorset, are available now at omaze.co.uk. The draw closes on Bank Holiday Monday (May 27) for online entries and Wednesday, May 29 for postal entries.