'At least 100,000' attend march calling for vote on final Brexit deal

More than 100,000 pro-EU supporters attended a march in London calling for a vote on the final Brexit deal, according to organisers.

People travelled to London from across the country to attend the march, organised by People's Vote UK, on the second anniversary of the EU referendum.

A counter-protest was held in Westminster by hundreds of those in favour of leaving the European Union.

Liberal Democrats leader Sir Vince Cable addressed those who attended the march, saying: "My message today is a very simple one: keep fighting, keep hoping, we will win."

Businesswoman and campaigner Gina Miller also told people: "Let us hear you shout for a people's vote."

Some attendees chanted "where's Jeremy Corbyn?" during the march. The Labour leader is opposed to another referendum on EU membership.

Mr Corbyn was visiting a refugee camp in Jordan on Saturday. A Sky News journalist accompanying him on the trip asked him to comment on camera about the march, but he declined.

The march's behind-the-scenes organisation involves some of the most senior figures in British politics, including Labour peer Peter Mandelson, Lib Dem Peer Paddy Ashdown and Tory grandee Ken Clarke.

The People's Vote campaign says on its website it is "run by Open Britain". Open Britain is a limited company formerly known as the In Campaign, which was designated by the Electoral Commission as an official lead campaign group in the referendum along with Vote Leave.

Lord Mandelson, Tony Blair's former director of communications, is listed a current director.

The march saw politicians, citizens and campaigners from across the UK walk from Pall Mall to Parliament Square, calling on the government to listen to their voices and give them a say.

Among those taking part were farmers, doctors, teachers, delivery drivers, students, fishermen and veterans from the Armed Forces - as well as former supporters of Brexit.

One marcher told Sky News: "It's two years on now. Things have changed. Europe has changed. We should have another say."

Another accused the government of being incompetent.

They said: "When the vote took place, we could not have anticipated how incompetent this government would be on negotiating.

"It's not good enough to say 'the people said this at one point'…"

Matthew Mann, originally from south Gloucestershire, who moved to the Netherlands in 2016 for work, said: "I'm here to show what a European looks like.

"I'm married to a French wife, I have two children who are dual national, and we live in Holland and are caught up in this administrative mess.

"I have lived and worked across Europe, it's home."

There was a cross-party presence at the march, with members of the Conservatives, Labour, Greens and Lib Dems all calling on the government to allow a vote on the final deal that is reached with the EU.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson has urged the prime minister to deliver a "full British Brexit", with International Trade Secretary Liam Fox warning that the UK was not "bluffing" about being prepared to walk away from talks with Brussels.

In an article for The Sun, the foreign secretary said voters would not tolerate a "bog roll Brexit" that was "soft, yielding and seemingly infinitely long".