Lee Mack’s new series of quiz show The 1% Club resurfaces common viewer complaint

Lee Mack fans have shared a complaint about the latest episode of the comedian’s ITV quiz show The 1% Club.

In the series, hosted by Mack, 100 candidates compete to win a jackpot of £100,000 by answering a series of questions – the last answer of which would only be known to one per cent of the general public.

Competitors begin the game with £1,000 apiece, which is then re-distributed into the prize pot when they incorrectly answer a question.

The 1% Club returned on Saturday (29 April) for its second seaosn, and appeared to have addressed a common fan complaint from its first season.

During its initial run of episodes, viewers had complained that the pictures displayed during certain rounds were too small to be easily discerned by viewers at home.

While the show appears to have heeded the complaints and enlarged the pictures this time round, more complaints surfaced on social media surrounding the size of the images.

“They say the graphics are bigger than the previous series but I still have to lean forward and squint and I’m wearing my glasses!” one person wrote.

“I will repeat what I said during the last series of … #The1PercentClub @ITV MAKE THE BLOODY PICTURES BIGGER!!! Thank you,” another viewer wrote.

Lee Mack hosting ‘The 1% Club' (ITV)
Lee Mack hosting ‘The 1% Club' (ITV)

“#The1PercentClub Easy questions so far. Though they should make the picture ones bigger. Can’t see them properly half the time and that’s where I fail. You need a giant TV either that or I need specs,” someone else complained.

“Tbf I had to walk to the TV,” one person claimed.

The 1% Club airs on ITV1 on Saturday nights. It has already been renewed for a third season.