Lee Mack stunned as quarter of 1% club contestants wiped out by early question

Lee Mack was left astounded that the question knocked so many people out
Lee Mack was left astounded that the question knocked so many people out -Credit:ITV

Lee Mack was left shocked during Saturday's instalment of ITV's The 1% Club, when an early question wiped out a quarter of the show's contestants. 100 fresh faces were in the ITV studios during this evening's showing of the prime time quizzer, each playing for their share of a substantial £100,000 jackpot.

To get there, they would have to answer 15 questions increasing in difficulty correctly without making a mistake. And the game was over for 25 contestants in one of the earlier rounds, each caught out by a 'say what you see' style 80 per cent question.

Introducing the round, host Lee said: "Okay, time for the 80% question - so this is a question that 80% of the people we asked managed to get right. Let's see how you get on with this one."

The question then popped up on screen reading: "What two-word phrase does this code represent?" showing a picture of a clock and a picture of two flies side by side.

See the picture below to have a crack at it yourself.

Can you work out this 80% question?
Can you work out this 80% question? -Credit:ITV (Screengrab)

While the contestants were trying to work out the answer, Lee joked: "I can't believe that only 80 people out of 100 got this right...the other 30 must be right idiots."

After the timer ticked down, Lee revealed that a quarter of the in-house contestants had been eliminated by the question. He said: "Wow, we've lost 25 people on that one. I was not expecting that, let's have a look at the answer."

The answer to the question was 'time flies' - with the clock representing time and the flies representing...flies. One contestant who got it wrong was Ros Sutton, with Lee asking: "Come on, what's your excuse?"

To which, the contestant replied: "I put clock flies as well," before Lee asked: "Is that a phrase? I tell you what, so many of you said it now I think it might become a phrase. You'll be sitting at home, be like 'oh is that the time? Blimey, clock flies'. So unlucky that."

The shock elimination took the prize pot from £6,000 to £31,000, as hopefuls continued to compete for a slice of the show's potential £100,000 jackpot.