Lee Rigby’s killer in ‘£20,000 compensation bid’ after prison guards knocked out his teeth

Michael Adebolajo has found a lawyer to represent him in his claim (PA)
Michael Adebolajo has found a lawyer to represent him in his claim (PA)

One of the Islamic extremists who murdered solider Lee Rigby in 2013 is pressing ahead with a £20,000 compensation claim after finding a lawyer to take on his case.

Michael Adebolajo, 32, had his teeth knocked out after a scuffle with guards who were trying to escort him to his cell at HMP Belmarsh, south east London, in July 2013.

Despite hitting a window, he reportedly refused medical attention afterwards.

The five officers involved in the incident were originally suspended on full pay during a six-week investigation, but were later cleared and allowed to return to work.

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In May 2013, Adebolajo, with Michael Adebowale, murdered Fusilier Rigby, 25, near the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich.

Since the fight with guards, Adebolajo had been searching in vain for legal representation after a number of solicitors turned him down.

Lee Rigby (Rex)
Lee Rigby (Rex)

Last night Lee’s mother Lyn said: “This is nothing more than blood money.

“This is the last person on earth who deserves compensation.

“You can replace broken teeth but you can’t bring back the life of my treasured boy.

“It hurts so much that he just won’t go away and leave us to pick up the pieces of our broken lives.”

Adebolajo after the murder of Rigby in 2013 (Rex)
Adebolajo after the murder of Rigby in 2013 (Rex)

The news comes after Lyn Rigby was threatened with arrest unless she attended the appeal hearing of a man who harassed her over her son’s death.

The grieving mother was told she would be prosecuted unless she attended the appeal of Christopher Spivey, who said Rigby’s death was a hoax.

She dubbed the court’s decision as “absurd and shocking”.