Leeds man can 'finally tie his own shoes laces again' after major 5 stone weight loss

Leeds man can 'finally' tie his own shoes laces again after major 5 stone weight loss
Leeds man can 'finally' tie his own shoes laces again after major 5 stone weight loss -Credit:Slimming World

A Leeds man said he can "finally tie his own shoe laces again" after dropping an incredible 5st 4lbs in less than a year.

Steve Hall, was spurred into taking action after he was diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea, and given medication for high blood pressure. This along with the loss of his parents made Steve realise that he needed to make a change.

He joined his local Slimming World group in Gildersome and soon began to reap the benefits.

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Steve said: “I had never heard of, or knew how to Food Optimise, until last July 2023 when I went along and joined a group in my local area.

"After I started Food Optimising and completing the food diaries for the first few weeks with my Consultant, the brilliant Emma, I very quickly started to get the hang of it.

"What’s great about Food Optimising is how simple it is. Not having to work out what calories you have eaten, not worrying about fats or saturated fats, using the Slimming World app along with our membership books, it makes it easy to choose and plan your meals.

Steve Hall before transformation
Steve Hall before transformation -Credit:Slimming World

"You can control ‘weight gains’ just as much as ‘weight losses’. In June 2023, I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea, I knew I had to do something about my health, I was at my heaviest weight, and I had already been on medication for high blood pressure too.

"Both of my parents lived until the age of 89 so if I didn’t do something about my weight/health I wasn’t going to get anywhere near that age. My family were worried about me too.

"After losing both of my parents, more recently my mum in September 2023, that was the biggest challenge mentally, physically and emotionally. However, due to the fantastic support of my family, friends and my Slimming World community, this challenge in my life did not detract me from my determination of losing weight."

Steve Hall after his weight loss transformation
Steve Hall after his weight loss transformation -Credit:Slimming World

Steve soon started to notice the benefits of his lifestyle change. He continued: "Since losing over 5 stone in weight there are too many things to mention that I can do now that I couldn’t do before.

"The main things that stand out to me are fitting in to smaller clothes, being ok with seeing myself in the mirror and smiling to myself about how different I feel and look. I can even tie my own shoe laces and cut my own toenails without being out of breath - most of all, I can enjoy life so much more!

"Like most men I thought slimming clubs were for women and expected to be eating nothing but salad. But the minute I walked through the door I realised that nothing could have been further from the truth. I was made very welcome.

"There’s a real mix of people – men and women of all ages - and we have a great time. Plus with Slimming World’s Food Optimising eating plan no foods are banned. Instead I’ve learned how to cook healthier versions of my favourite meals like liver and kidney with onions, jacket potato with cheese, chilli con carne (which my wife loves too) and every week at we share new recipes and handy tips.”

Leeds man can 'finally' tie his own shoes laces again after major 5 stone weight loss
Leeds man can 'finally' tie his own shoes laces again after major 5 stone weight loss -Credit:Slimming World

Slimming World Consultant, Emma Lake, who runs groups in Gildersome and Morley, says: “It’s great that we’re able to celebrate every milestone with Steve, and without doubt, how much he has improved his health.

"That’s so important because the latest obesity statistics from the Government show that there are more overweight and obese men in England than women – 65% of men are overweight or obese compared to 56% of women.

“Even though men tend to be more nervous when they first join, they are actually some of the most successful slimmers. Men tend to have more muscle mass than women do and as muscle uses up energy it means that men often lose weight a little faster than women.

“Men also tend to be extremely focused when they start on a healthy eating plan and often see very good weight losses in the first few weeks, which motivates them to carry on and reach their targets quickly.”

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