Who left The Apprentice? Full list of fired candidates from the 2024 series

The Apprentice.2024 candidates with Lord Alan Sugar
The Apprentice.2024 candidates with Lord Alan Sugar -Credit:PA

The Apprentice returned to BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Thursday, February 1 with 18 candidates all hoping to impress Lord Alan Sugar and win the £250,000 investment and mentorship. At the start of the new series, the class of 2024 included a Dragon's Den reject, two men who own pie companies, a music producer, a jeweller, and a boutique fitness studio owner.

Those in the original line-up were Amina Khan, Dr. Asif Munaf, Flo Edwards, Foluso Falade, Jack Davies, Maura Rath, Noor Bouziane, Oliver Medforth, Onyeka Nweze, Paul Bowen, Dr. Paul Midha, Phil Turner, Rachel Woolford, Raj Chohan, Sam Saadet, Steve Darken, Tre Lowe, who you might recognise from the UK garage band Architechs, and Virdi Singh Mazaria.

Each week the candidates take on a series of tasks that are overseen by Lord Sugar's aides Baroness Karren Brady and Tim Campbell MBE, with the hopes they'll avoid being brought back into the boardroom and remain in the competition. Not everyone is so lucky, however, with Lord Sugar firing one candidate every episode.

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Here's a full list of who has left The Apprentice so far, we'll keep this piece updated as series 18 continues.

Who left The Apprentice?

The final - Phil Turner

Rachel Woolford and Phil Turner
Finalists Rachel and Phil -Credit:Ian West/PA Wire

The final saw gym owner Rachel Woolford from Leeds go head-to-head with pie man Phil Turner from Bognor Regis. Following the final task, which saw the return of several former candidates to help them 'sell' their business plans to industry experts, Lord Sugar decided to hire Rachel as his business partner, making Phil the final candidate to depart the boardroom.

Week eleven - Tre Lowe, Flo Edwards and Dr Paul Midha

Tre Lowe
Tre was one of the latest candidates to be fired by Lord Sugar -Credit:BBC

The eleventh week of the process saw three candidates just miss out on their chance at a business partnership with Lord Sugar. The final five were interviewed by four of the entrepreneur's advisors, who then reported back to him on everything that went down.

The first candidate to lose their place in the process was Tre, who Lord Sugar told his business 'wasn't for him'. Then, Lord Sugar fired Flo in a surprise move. After deliberating with Karren and Tim while the remaining candidates stood out of the room, he made his decision. After the candidates' returned, he fired Dr Paul.

Week ten - Foluso Falade and Steven Darken

Woman posing in front of London
Foluso did not impress with her branding -Credit:PA

Week ten saw Foluso Falade fired by Lord Sugar after she struggled to create branding for their vegan cheese on her own. She was unable to create a successful promotion video for the cheese which saw her leaving the boardroom.

There was also a double firing which meant that Steve Darken missed out on a spot in the final five. It was his idea to give the cheese the flavour of curry, which none of the buyers liked.

Man posing in front of London
Steve was also fired -Credit:PA

Week nine - Raj Chohan and Maura Rath

Raj Chohan
Raj Chohan -Credit:BBC

A double firing this week after a cringe-worthy TV sales task which saw Raj just basically saying "wow" and Maura's shouty style overwhelming basically everyone.

Maura Rath
Maura Rath -Credit:BBC

Week eight - Noor Bouziane

Noor Bouziane -Credit:PA
Noor Bouziane -Credit:PA

Noor was fired after her team failed at a task and she failed to see how bad the final product was, which this week was an advert. Lord Sugar told her: "I'm frustrated Noor, that you don’t understand how you've messed this thing up. I gave you the opportunity to prove yourself. It was a terrible, terrible advert and I’m afraid to say it is with regret, Noor, that you're fired."

Doubling down following her exit, Noor said: "I'm grateful to have met amazing people and to have shown just a small percentage of what an amazing businesswoman that I am. And even though the advert got a lot of criticism I still believe that it was really good."

Week seven - Virdi Singh Mazaria

Virdi was fired on week seven
Virdi was fired on week seven -Credit:PA

After being on the losing team for seven weeks, Lord Sugar fired Virdi after the candidates' trip to Budapest. There, the two teams were tasked with running a tour of the local area and selling tickets to it. Virdi was on the selling team and he and the others failed to sell all 16 tickets to their tour, which was a major factor in them losing the task.

In the board room, Lord Sugar said Virdi was a "charming young man," but said that his time on the programme had to come to an end. "It is very regretful that I have to say to you, you're fired," he added. "Do well, good luck, stay in touch."

Week six - Sam Saadet

Sam Saadet -Credit:PA
Sam Saadet -Credit:PA

The Apprentice star Sam Saadet was the sixth candidate to be fired from the 2024 series. Sam was the latest to leave after The Apprentice candidates were tasked with designing and creating a new breakfast cereal aimed at six-to-eight-year-olds to pitch and sell to industry buyers.

After a tough competition which saw one team create a bland recipe while the other delivered a boring design, Sam Saadet was fired.

Week five - Onyeka Nweze

Woman posing in London
Onyeka did not impress with her pitching skills -Credit:PA

After a disastrous pitch and failing to make sales during a motor racing task, which saw the contestants designing and marketing new e-cars, Onyeka Nweze was fired in week five. Team leader Dr Paul Midha and sub team leader Virdi Singh Mazaria survived the boardroom after they also failed to impress.

Week four - Amina Khan and Jack Davies

The contestants headed to Jersey where they had to hunt for a list of items and get them for as cheaply as possible. But after the cringeworthy task, including Jack's 75% off offer which really turned Lord Sugar, and just a whole host of useless decisions, there was a double firing when Amina Khan and Jack Davies both left the boardroom for good.

Name: Amina Khan
Occupation: Pharmacist and Business Owner
Location: Ilford
Amina Khan -Credit:BBC
Jack Davies
Jack Davies -Credit:BBC

Week three - Dr Asif Munaf

Dr. Asif Munaf headshot
Dr. Asif Munaf -Credit:PA

Dr Asif Munaf was fired in week three after he put himself forward to be project manager. His team lost the task that required them to create an escape room-type video game.

In a boardroom showdown, Alan told Asif: "In your CV you say you are good at everything. One thing I can see is that it looks like I've cured you here because you ain't good at this. Your escape was about as complicated as a one piece of jigsaw quite frankly." He added: "You're a poor, poor manager, so it is with regret you're fired."

Week two - Paul Bowen

Paul Bowen in a smart suit, in front of the London skyline
Paul Bowen was fired by Lord Sugar in Week Two -Credit:PA

Paul B, the director of a pie company from Lancashire, became the second contestant to be fired from The Apprentice after making "too many mistakes" in episode two. Whilst the boys team had loads of ideas on what sort of cheesecake would sell well at a market and to a corporate client, they were later told their cheesecakes resembled something a primary school pupil could make!

Whilst several of the team made errors, ultimately Paul Bowen was seen as the most responsible for the team losing the challenge and failing to make as much profit as the girls team, so he was promptly fired by Lord Sugar in the boardroom and uttered the words "fair enough mate". Read what viewers had to say here.

Week one - Oliver Medforth

Oliver Medforth
Oliver Medforth -Credit:BBC

Oliver Medforth became the first contestant to be fired from The Apprentice. The sales executive from Yorkshire became the first casualty after the boys lost the first task for season 18.

Oliver was brought back to the boardroom by his project manager after he failed to put flour into his brownies, after being given the task of desserts despite having no culinary experience. He wasn't the only one to mess up, however, with the girls coating their fishcakes in crumble rather than breadcrumbs. You can read more about the chaotic episode here.

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