Leicester set to be warmer than Ibiza

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 18:  A couple relax on deckchairs in the warm weather in Hyde Park on July 18, 2014 in London, England. The Met Office has issued a heatwave alert as temperatures soar to their highest of the year.  (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)
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Temperatures in Leicester are set to hit a high of 28 degrees tomorrow (Tuesday), the Met Office is forecasting. A yellow heat health alert, issued by the UK Health Security Agency, came into force this morning with the warm weather expected to continue this week.

On the back of that, temperatures in Leicester are forecast to peak this week on Tuesday, with temperatures to drop throughout the rest of the week. This will start on Wednesday, with highs of 26 degrees forecast, on Thursday maximum temperatures are again forecast to drop to 24 degrees, while into Friday and next weekend temperatures will be back down to 20 degrees.

Mark Sidaway, a deputy chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “Although we are expecting to see some very warm temperatures this week, it may not be the wall-to-wall sunshine and blue skies people are expecting as there is likely to be some cloud around in places.

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“Some areas, mainly central and eastern England, will see temperatures which exceed the heatwave criteria. To be officially recognised as a ‘heatwave’ though, the temperature must be reached for three consecutive days.

“Although we are looking to enjoy some nice warm temperatures, the weather this week does not look particularly exceptional or extreme.”

In Leicestershire that temperature threshold is 27 degrees, so the county won’t be seeing a heatwave any time soon.

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