Lesa Milan says she 'doesn't flock with pigeons' as she spills on her feuds with her 'RHODubai' costars

Lesa Milan Chanel Ayan The Real Housewives of Dubai Bravo
Lesa Milan Chanel Ayan The Real Housewives of Dubai Bravo

The desert might be hot, but Lesa Milan always finds the shade.

After nearly two years, The Real Housewives of Dubai is finally returning to Bravo with a spicy second season that fans can't wait to watch.

In a surprise turn of events, season one besties Milan and Chanel Ayan have a major falling out in the upcoming episodes that's still tense to this day.

"I'm trusting the timing and I'm enjoying this space, to be honest. With all the ladies, I'm in a really good space except for Ayan," Milan tells PRIDE.

Even though the former friends are feuding in present day, Milan isn't completely ruling out a reconciliation down the road.

"We'll see! Time will tell. I'm not going to say never. I will just say... I'm trusting in the timing. Birds of a feather flock together, honey! I don't flock with pigeons."

RHODubai has served as vital form of representation of the very wealthy Middle East city. In fact, the reality show has made people in the LGBTQ+ community feel a bit safer when considering a potential visit.

"It's just a diverse melting pot. People really do live in harmony. We don't have a high crime rate and this goes across the board for crimes against LGBTQ+, people of color, and it's amazing. It's such a safe place. Habibi! Come to Dubai!"

The Real Housewives of Dubai returns Sunday, June 2 on Bravo. To see the full interview with Lesa Milan, check out the video below.

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