Lewis Capaldi reveals risqué email he got from Elton John about imposter syndrome

Lewis Capaldi has shared the risqué email he got from Elton John to help him combat feelings of impostor syndrome.

The Scottish singer-songwriter has collaborated with Netflix for a candid new documentary, Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now.

As well as documenting the making of his second album, the film delves into Capaldi’s home and family life, and his struggles with mental health.

At several points, the “Someone You Loved” vocalist is frank about how achieving fame has resulted in additional creative pressures.

“I’m not confident in my abilities as a songwriter, and I think it’s got worse, the more successful I’ve got,” he admitted.

Capaldi also broached the topic of impostor syndrome. He explained that, after Capaldi had discussed his feelings of inadequacy over beers with Ed Sheeran, John got in touch with some encouraging words.

“Elton sent me an email saying, ‘Dear Lewis, I was talking to Ed yesterday and we talked about you. He said you were feeling a bit like an impostor. B******S!’” Capaldi said, noting the use of capital letters for emphasis.

“‘You are totally your own man,’” he continued quoting the email.

“‘Your album is still riding high all over the world, AND IT’S YOUR FIRST ALBUM! You write beautiful songs that resonate with millions of people.

“‘You are great live, and a wonderful singer. You are also very funny and original. I mean this sincerely.’”

Lewis Capaldi and Elton John (Getty)
Lewis Capaldi and Elton John (Getty)

According to Capaldi, John finished his message with a promise to visit him where Sheeran lives to help him believe in himself.

“‘Stop it now, please, or I will come up to Suffolk and bring out the latent homo in you. Buckets of love, Elton.’”

Capaldi then said that, despite the positivity in John’s message, he thinks impostor syndrome will be something he always battles with.

“It’s nice to hear this stuff, but I obviously still feel a bit like an impostor,” he noted.

“Impostor syndrome, I think you can have it at any level. That sort of bleeds into every single decision you make and everything you do.”

Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now is streaming from Wednesday 5 April on Netflix.