Lewisburg couple involved in fireball, sex toys incident put on probation

May 17—LEWISBURG — A Lewisburg couple involved in a sex toys and fireball incident were both sentenced in Union County Court on Friday.

Bladymil Delgado-Javier, 28, of Lewisburg, was sentenced to two years of probation while Ciara Delores Lea Mecum, 28, of Lewisburg, was sentenced to 12 years of probation. Both individuals were ordered to pay court costs and fees.

Delgado-Javier pleaded guilty in March to a misdemeanor count of simple assault. Mecum pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor count of simple assault. In pleading no contest, Mecum did not admit guilt but acknowledged there is enough evidence against her that a jury might find her guilty.

The sentences were ordered by Union County Judge Michael Piecuch.

An argument over adult sex toys turned physical in September, leading Mecum to allegedly threaten to stab Delgado-Javier with a tire plunger and him to retaliate by allegedly shooting a fireball at her face, according to state police at Milton.

All other charges, including felony counts of aggravated assault, were dismissed as part of the plea deal. Delgado-Javier, at $10,000 unsecured bail, and Mecum, at $7,500, have been free since September.

State police reported that troopers were dispatched to the Kelly Township residence at 8:16 p.m. Sept. 26. Delgado-Javier and Mecum allegedly got into an argument over taking each other's adult sex toys, police said.

Mecum went downstairs and began to throw her tools. She grabbed a tire plunger and allegedly threatened to stab Delgado-Javier, police said.

Delgado-Javier then grabbed a can of brake cleaner and a lighter. He allegedly used it to ignite a fireball toward Mecum, police said.

Mecum had a superficial burn to her right arm and her hair was singed, police said.

Mecum allegedly charged Delgado-Javier, and struck him multiple times, causing a cut on his ear and a cut on his hand, police said.

Both parties were taken into custody without further incident, police said.