Liam Gallagher mocks Matt Lucas for Bake Off role while arguing about comedian’s friendship with Blur

Isobel Lewis
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Viewers at home declared the pair’s exchange to be ‘f***ing brilliant' (ITV)
Viewers at home declared the pair’s exchange to be ‘f***ing brilliant' (ITV)

Liam Gallagher argued with Matt Lucas about his friendship with Blur while appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show.

The musician and comedian were guests on the chat show on Saturday night (28 November), with host Ross awkwardly pointing out Lucas’s long-standing friendship with the Damon Albarn-fronted Oasis rivals.

Gallagher used this information to take aim at Lucas about his new role as co-host of The Great British Bake Off, telling Ross: “That’s why he ended up the way he ended up, man. On a baking programme.”

Explaining how he knew Blur, Lucas said: “I ended up supporting them, I toured with Blur the week they released The Great Escape."

He then added as a dig to Gallagher: “Which is a wonderful album, Jonathan, [that] has classics on it like ‘The Universal’.”

“Didn’t f***ing sell much though, did it? It’s not as good as Morning Glory," Liam interjected, with Lucas replying: “I’d be inclined to agree with you, only for fear of getting knocked out.”

Lucas then recalled meeting Gallagher while at the Groucho Club with Damon Albarn, describing how the trio had sat down and had a drink together.

Gallagher however denied that the meeting had happened, claiming that it must have been his brother Noel.

Viewers at home declared the moment to be “f***ing brilliant”, with one viewer commenting: “How am I fully watching Liam Gallagher and Matt Lucas beefing on Jonathan Ross.”

“Liam Gallagher getting rattled by Matt Lucas is elite Saturday night viewing,” another tweeted.

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