The Lib Dems have a bold plan – and it is already working

<span>Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA</span>
Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA

Far from being too cautious, the Liberal Democrats under Ed Davey have shown incredible boldness (Lib Dems are being too cautious, say senior party members, 29 November). We are the only party committed to 0.7% on international aid, to proportional representation and to combating climate change. Above all, we are the only party to have a real plan to transform our broken relationship with Europe.

With Ed Davey as leader, our plan to get this Conservative government out of power is working, the team is united and we are winning again. Since 2020, we have taken the fight to the Conservatives – in record-breaking byelections in former safe seats from Buckinghamshire to Shropshire. We have added swathes of councillors across the country. The Liberal Democrats are the only party that wants to radically change the system from vested powers to fairer votes. We can only achieve this change through winning elections, with more MPs, more councillors, more assembly members in Wales and more MSPs in Scotland.
Dr Mark Pack
President, Liberal Democrats

• I have sympathy with the Liberal Democrats calling for a bolder and more distinctive message from their party leaders. It would help if the Lib Dems would connect what they say to longstanding liberal ideas such as internationalism, liberty of the subject, tolerance, democratic reform and social justice. When the voters are crying out for radical change, the Lib Dems are calling for a “fair deal for Britain” – which has about as much electoral appeal as a pink blancmange.
Dr Alan Butt Philip
Convener, John Stuart Mill Institute

• The Liberal Democrats already have “distinctive positions the Tories would never take and Labour dares not offer”. Tucked away in an otherwise bland policy document passed at conference, For a Fair Deal, are the following gems: we shall protect the BBC and Channel 4; scrap the Illegal Migration Act; champion the Human Rights Act; and restore the overseas aid budget to 0.7% of GDP. I hope these exciting proposals make it to our manifesto and our candidates highlight them, rather than keep quiet about them for fear of scaring off floating voters.
Peter Wrigley
Honorary president, Batley and Spen Liberal Democrats

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