Lidl issues new store opening times due to Euro 2024 final

Lidl stores in England are set to open an hour later this Monday after the Euro 2024 final. Lidl stores will open later than normal the following morning - regardless of the match outcome - to allow workers to enjoy some post-match celebrations.

Ryan McDonnell, CEO of Lidl GB, said: "We know how much this game means to England fans, and we want to ensure that our colleagues have the chance to celebrate such a significant moment in English football history.

"We couldn’t achieve our goals without our colleagues, so in recognition of their hard work and dedication, this move will allow them to join in the excitement and show support for the England team, and we wish them the best of luck for the big game.”

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Discussing England making the final, Aston Villa star Ollie Watkins - who netted the winner versus the Netherlands on Wednesday night - said: "Unbelievable. I have been waiting for that moment for weeks. For weeks. For weeks. It has taken a lot of hard work to get to where I am today. I am grateful that I got the opportunity and I grabbed it with both hands. I am delighted."

He said: "I swear on my life, my kids’ life, I said to Cole Palmer ‘We’re coming on today, and you’re going to set me up’. And that’s why I was so happy. I knew as soon as he got the ball he was going to play it to me. You got to be greedy. Touch and finish. When I seen it go into the bottom corner … Oh, it’s the best feeling ever."

"Look, there has been a lot of criticism but at the end of the day we’re in the final. That’s all that matters. So forget all the outside noise. We’re in the final," he said. "We’ve got that bounce-back factor, going goals behind. But we seem to kick into gear. We never give up.

"We’ve won on penalties. We’ve won from behind. One more game now. One more game."