Lifeboat Crew Rescues Dog Off Welsh Coast

An RNLI crew rescued a dog that was struggling to stay afloat off the coast of Llandudno, Wales, on April 13.

The RNLI said “there were concerns that the dog’s owner might have also entered the water to try to rescue the dog.”

The owner returned to safety when the crew arrived at the scene.

After being rescued from the water, the dog, named Bruno, “was wrapped in blankets to keep him warm and ensure his well-being.” Credit: RNLI via Storyful

Video transcript


- There's somebody here on the cliff. [INAUDIBLE] ahead.

- You got visual there.


- Straight there, now, OK, 2 meters.


- 1 meter, 1 meter starboard side.

- Touching.

- There's a chain.

- Yeah, OK. I've got him there.


- Ralph, I've got his front if you get his back.

- Come on, guys.

- [WHISTLES] Come on. Come on. Good boy.

- Nope. From this angle, I can't lift.

- OK. Leon, can you get in on this side?

- And on 3, 2, pull.

- OK.

- OK, on board.

- Come on, boy, stay there.

- You got him there.


- Old [INAUDIBLE], yeah.

- Good lad. Well done, mate.

- Good boy. Good boy. Phew.


- Hey. [WHISTLES] Come on, mate.


- So brave, isn't he?

- I've got him here [INAUDIBLE].

- You got him?

- Yeah.

- Come on, Bruno. [GRUNTS]

That's a good lad.


- Come on, this way, good lad, good.