Lil Nas X addresses hookups and the size of his member in raunchy new song

lil nas x talks about hookups and grindr
lil nas x talks about hookups and grindr

Okay, Lil Nas X, you're sex-positive, and we're here for it.

Over the last few weeks, the rapper has slowly released new music from his upcoming mixtape, NASARATI 2, on his Soundcloud to prepare us for the drop. Last night, he released his sixth track of 2024, "Trust Me," after initially teasing it last month.

Although the song is also available on YouTube, fans have already begun to complain that they cannot stream it on other platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal.

The new song takes Nas X back to the roots we know of him from his Montero days, of exploring his sexuality in his formative years. On the track, he raps, "Back in middle school, I was fiending for dick. 7th grade, sending my homies some pics. Daddy never knew what I did as a kid. He would've crucified me but trust me, I get it."

He also wrote "I get it" as the caption with the song, which got people talking due to its references to Grindr, hookups, and allegedly the size of his member. To the latter, Nas X rapped about being on PrEP and "fucking way more than I deserve," saying, "Yeah, I wrap it up for the most, magnum wrappers on the kitchen floors."

Upon release of the song, Nas X said it "means a lot to me." As of this writing, it's crossed 30,000 streams on Soundcloud and almost 80,000 on YouTube. If the popularity increases, it may just reach or surpass the success of the "J Christ" single he released a few months ago.

When that song dropped, it didn't quite turn into the "comeback" he had wanted, as it only made it to #69 on the Billboard Hot 100 — a feat he poked fun at in a tweet saying he "reached the funny number."

Outside of "Trust Me," other songs from the upcoming mixtape include the "Where Do We Go Now" ballad from the Long Live Montero documentary on HBO, "Light Again," "Right There," and "Lean On My Body."

As of now, no official release date has been set for the upcoming mixtape.

Stream the new song below.

Trust Me (Prod Ojivolta & Omer Fedi) by Lil Nas X

Trust Me (Prod Ojivolta & Omer Fedi) by Lil Nas X